How To Pack Smart For a Vacation

After years of travel, I think I’ve finally figured out HOW TO PACK SMART FOR A VACATION! You think that by now I would have it down to a system, and I thought I did….sort of. My problem has ALWAYS been I like too many clothes and want to be PREPARED FOR ANYTHING, and want to have my favorite this or that. By the time I’m all done packing……..I’m almost too full. Yep, I’m the one that can BARELY zip her suitcase shut!

I’m leaving early in the morning for the most FABULOUS TRIP EVER….and with my traveling girls…..SheShe and Jamie. We have now done several trips together and for us, it just works! We definitely are a team! It will be a secret until we land and start posting stories. And believe me, there will be lots and lots of stories!!!!!!! We are going to have such FUN…..making memories once again!

But I want to tell you what I’ve discovered about packing. First, you have to think of color. Just by choosing a small color palate (THREE colors) you can really dial in on cutting your packing down! And this is why….everything will go with everything!!!!! I will be wearing CHICOS exclusively….except for one skirt and one top, and then of course shoes. I will be wearing lots of CHICOS jewelry as well, along with some of my own. I’m in love with every single thing I’ve packed! I have them all linked below. Essentially I have packed a capsule wardrobe!


So you see there are 30 items. My jammies aren’t packed or my shoes, and workout gear. But with these 30 things, I can come up with multiple outfits. I’m taking two pairs of heels, three flats, and one pair of sneakers. We will be gone for eight days. I probably have MORE than enough, but the great thing is that it all fits in my suitcase really well. And look at my suitcase……ADORABLE, right?

Anyway, stay tuned to my stories and to Instagram for all the adventure! We are all SO EXCITED…..I have one hint! Out of anywhere I’ve traveled, and I’ve traveled a lot……to England, Scotland, Ireland, China, South America, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Egypt, France, Mexico, Guatamala, Jordan, Israel……THIS is the place I’d go to over and over again!

I hope this has given you some better ideas on how to pack smart for a vacation! Also one other thing that I’ve been doing is I take a flat-lay pic (above) of every outfit, so that when I’m there, I can quickly remember what I brought to go with what! This really, REALLY helps make your vacation less complicated! STAY TUNED FRIENDS!

I won’t be blogging all week until after I return, just FYI. But still posting on Instagram, SO STAY TUNED WITH ME THERE!!!

Shauna XO

14 thoughts on “How To Pack Smart For a Vacation

  1. Perfect packing! I usually try to have a color scheme too. Flat lay photos great idea ?
    Have a blast with your girls! I’m looking forward to following your adventures ? ✌?❤️

    1. Hi Denise….it has been AMAZZZING!!!! We have had the best time. Always learning how to do things better though. This time….make a copy of your passport and keep it with you but not with you. Like in the hotel room safe. Great idea I learned from SheShe! XO

  2. Oh my gosh, Shaunna, we’re coming up on the end of a month long European trip which has taken us through all kinds of weather and clothing requirements. I recognize so many of your Chico items that I also brought with me! I basically packed black, white, (including a pair of b/w Chico’s leggings like yours above!) denim and a pair of colorful crops Chico’s came out with this spring which I’ve worn with several of their 3/4 length tees purchased in several colors. I even have a pair of earrings with me that you’re taking with you. I brought several scarves to give new looks, one of them a Chico’s gift, and a packable bag, also a Chico’s gift, which has come in handy.

    Love the idea of flat lay photos! I usually change into each outfit and then photo; flat lay is much easier!!!

    Have a wonderful time, can’t wait to hear where you’re going! I don’t see a swimsuit or cover-up so maybe not a tropical destination?

    1. Hi Dawn!!! That’s AWESOME! Chicos has styled me from head to toe in such a fun way!!! And so simple too, once you get there, to not have to THINK about what you’re going to wear!!!!! I have referred back to these flat-lays over and over throughout my trip as we’ve made sure we’re complimenting each other! Thanks for your comment! XO

  3. Love it! I’m just about to go on holiday too with the girls, so this has been so helpful Shauna. You’re a star! ?

    1. Sharon! I’m so HAPPY that this helped!!!! I’ve realized packing SIMPLE is the only way to go!!! Have FUN!!! XO

  4. I love your style and “out of the box” mix and matching. I travel a lot and with one of my recent trips I had to resist the urge to stuff last minute. I find that I sort of panic that I won’t have the “just right” outfit for the situation or weather. This time I did what you did and take a picture of each outfit so I wouldn’t forget. Did pretty good this time but I love the idea of a color pallet and will try next month when I travel again.

    1. Denise it works out so well! EVERYTHING goes with EVERYTHING!!!! I thought maybe I would get bored, but not once!!!!! Too busy having FUN! XOXO

  5. Love seeing all of your adventure with the girls. Can you show your personal carry on? Looking for a new one. I never check a bag so want something to go along with my carry on.

    Can you show all of your outfits on your blog? I’m short also and now I’m going to buy the striped dress, never thought about wearing it as you did.

    Thanks for all your inspiration!!!

  6. Now I know what I have been doing wrong. I don’t limit my palette. Seems the only place I go lately is to Kentucky to care for my 92 year old mom. When I pack for a trip to KY, I usually grab things and throw them into a suitcase because I am having to leave in a hurry. Just remembering to create a narrow palette will make a big difference next time.

    Have the best time. Can’t wait to see where you wind up!!

    1. Leslie…I’m so glad this helped you think things through more carefully! I don’t think packing is ever easy, and no matter what’s in your bag when you get there……there’s always something you wish you had! Best wishes with your mom! XO

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