Trench Coats and Girlfriends!

Trench coats and girlfriends just go together I’ve found out. I am truly guilty of having loads of coats and jackets and then NOT wearing them because it’s a hassle! It’s not that I don’t love wearing them when I have them on….because after all I’m always cold! But for example today….I ran out the house in a hurry and five minutes late, and came out to rain and cold, and didn’t have a jacket! I’m horrible at this!

The other day I met up with a really special friend Trina. She has been the greatest friend to me! ALWAYS there at the worst of times she is, to lift me up, to offer her sincere concern and love to me! But then she’s such a great example of someone who is KIND! She actually helps me with my pictures sometimes. We had planned to meet, and then decided last minute to do a picture with our Hush Puppies together. You can shop other styles here.

Trina sent me a pic of what she was wearing so I could coordinate my outfit with her. And when I saw her trench coat I was smitten! Isn’t it cute?? She got it at a boutique in London while traveling. I suddenly remembered this trench coat of mine that I’ve had for years from NANETTE LEPORE. It’s a classic and so cute and fun and so perfect for all of our rain we are experiencing here right now!

The trench coat is a classic! It will NEVER go out of style, and is the perfect weight for cool/cold weather! It’s a great coat to wear with your layers, and the more layers obviously the warmer you can make your trench! I loved the way they looked with our sneakers! Very dressed down but still holding that classic look! But then take your trench and add your heels and dressier pants, and suddenly it looks very glam!

I’ve linked up some cute trench coat looks for you. If you don’t own one, you should! They are so functional and versatile and CLASSY as I said! I’m now convinced that I MUST wear my trench coat MORE! In fact…..I’m just plain going to wear ALL my coats and jackets MORE!


This is such a FUN color in a trench. You could wear it many ways but to me it looks so feminine and so I liked it with a frilly dress. These sandals and ON SALE, I’m taking on my trip next week, and they go with EVERYTHING in my bag….seriously!

This is your basic trench, the classic color, and I LOVE the length of this one! It’s also ON SALE! I loved it with just some basic jeans and THIS cute summer top! Wear some neutral platforms and ALWAYS fab earrings! Such a fun spring look!!!!

THE TRENCH here is by far the sassiest! And over 30% off right now! It may be just a bit more trendy….but then I don’t know, because animal prints have been trending for years! I love animal prints with REDS….so I’ve styled it with this darling ruched top and red bag! LOVE this look! And all while wearing sneakers! Yahoo!

So if you’re not convinced that TRENCH COATS and girlfriends go together, you should reconsider! I’m so happy I have been reintroduced to the TRENCH!

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Shauna XO