All About The Benefits Of Plexaderm

Today I want to tell you ALL ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF PLEXADERM. I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials of how when you apply, this product, within minutes your fine lines, wrinkles, and bags disappear or at least are diminished? Well, I had too. So you can imagine how anxious I was to REALLY see how this stuff worked!

Plexaderm is NOT a permanent fix. This is something you can use every day if you want, or use it from time to time when you want to look your very best. It’s a temporary fix. I would say to you to look on PLEXADERM’S website and explore for yourself all about this incredible product! There are before and after pictures as well as a video clip of Dr. Mitchell Fleisher speaking about the amazing technology behind Plexaderm. He talks about the differences between men and women when using Plexaderm.

This is how it works….

Plexaderm is made with minerals from shale clay which forms a tightening layer over your skin. I really felt this when I used it. For me it lasted all day! It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It felt super smooth! I thought perhaps it would make my makeup feel weird, but didn’t AT ALL! It was a really cool feeling! The invisible layer seriously lifts and tightens your fine lines! It really has a smoothing affect that probably took around ten minutes to notice.

So my opinion is…..I REALLY NEED THIS in my bathroom cabinet at all times! And yes…it’s safe to use it every day if you’d like! The thoughts of less fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and under eye bags is a NO-BRAINER! Can you imagine another way to look bit younger, a lot less stressed, a little more awake, and a way to feel more fresh??? Plexaderm is your answer friends! They sent me a bottle for free to try out, and I’m now a fan and a believer and will continue to order!!

And there you have it….my thoughts ALL ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF PLEXADERM!

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Shauna XO

12 thoughts on “All About The Benefits Of Plexaderm

    1. Karen….I didn’t do BEFORE/AFTER pics. But I can. Are you on Instagram, I could put on my stories?

  1. You look like this in all your previous blog posts. What were you using before this?

    1. Dy, I haven’t ever used anything like this before. If you’re on Instagram I can post on my STORIES some BEFORE/AFTER shots.

  2. So many products say they work and they don’t. Ripping people off. I would love this if it REALLY worked

    1. I suppose everyone’s experience could be different. For ME, it did work and I was really pleased. This isn’t permanent thing. I hope that helps?

      1. Could you tell us about make-up after you’ve used the Plexaderm? Specifically asking about foundation….liquid or powder…and how all that works together in your experience? Thank you in advance. I LOVE your blog and all that you share with us. You’re beautiful inside and out. Re the Plexaderm….will share with you the words I’ve repeated to my sons so many times over the years….YOU’RE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE…JUST THE WAY GOD MADE YOU. ☺ But I’ll admit that I’ve been considering this product for quite some time myself (concerned about the cost)and think I’m going to give it a go after reading your review though I know that “results vary” . Sending you the best juju… and joy and light…so very happy for your newfound happiness!

  3. It does really work I’ve used for a while now it really works it’s amazing !!!!!!!! It was on QVC where they showed it so I tried it and love it. There where I got but it’s less expensive on this Website.

    1. Thank you Rita….I didn’t realize this was so controversial. I get it though….no one likes to feel ripped off! XO

  4. Hi Shauna. I think you’re absolutely gorgeous. I do have a question about the use of Plexaderm: were you able to use your makeup after applying it? Also, did you use Plexaderm before or after your regular skin care products? I’ve used another product that’s sold on HSN (not Plexaderm), but it leaves a white film, and I have to use a dry mineral makeup and no other products for it to work. Thank you in advance for your reply. God bless and have a wonderful day.

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