What Exactly Is BODY WITH SOUL?

Friends…. what exactly is BODY WITH SOUL? #BodyWithSoul #CrepeErasePartner

Crepe Erase has launched a new and INSPIRING campaign all about body positivity and confidence! Why is it that when we get to midlife (50+) we have a tendency to lose our confidence? In a recent survey conducted by Crepe Erase, they found that on average, women stopped feeling confident in the skin on their body at age 47! There could be many reasons, and different reasons for different people. Here is my take on that…..

I’ve always been healthy and STRONG. I’ve always been able to maintain my weight and fit in to fun clothes. The way I take care of myself has been the thing that has given me CONFIDENCE! But no matter how well we take care of ourselves, the effects of aging will eventually take over. It’s just how it goes.

As we age…… we start to see the texture of our skin change, our weight change, the shape of our bodies change, and we start to see those gray hairs, we feel more tired, and the list goes on. Together all of these can really be a downer, especially when we’re TRYING to be healthy. This can then cause us to lose our motivation to keep up.

This new campaign is SO VITAL AND NEEDFUL right now! #BodyWithSoul to me means someone who LOVES themselves, who is CONFIDENT with who they are, is HAPPY and OPTIMISTIC in her world, and a LIGHT to others. This is the person that many/most of us would like to be.

Crepey skin can really age us, and that’s why I LOVE CREPE ERASE! Back here I talked about this product. It was just after I had started using it. It’s always good to look back after you’ve used something for awhile and review the results. And my results are clear! My neck, my hands, and my legs! Yes…. all improved and much better texture!

Remember me talking before, about how crepey skin comes with age, loss of elasticity, and loss of moisture. Both are caused from the lack of elastin and collagen. As we get older, we start to see subtle changes in our skin. And then it seems like one day….. we see the CREPE that we had only seen in our grandmothers and maybe our mothers. Yikes! Where does it come from all of the sudden?

I LOVE that CREPE ERASE helps me feel and look younger! Feeling like you look your best IS ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! And when you do feel your best, your perspective on things changes. You’re a better person to all those around you! Happiness is contagious remember! What exactly is BODY WITH SOUL…. it could start with less crepey-looking skin!

I tell women all the time, that they need to fight for their confidence. Do those things EVERY SINGLE DAY to improve and be better. Baby steps count! Just by striving to be the best you can WILL give you that boost you need to get yourself out of a rut. Moving forward and not backward is how we should move through our lives! Wouldn’t you agree?

Take care friends!

Shauna XO

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