Places To See In Southern Utah

Today I wanted to share with you places to see in Southern Utah. It’s such an incredible place to not only live but for all of YOU to come and visit. I have a lot of people ask me about the locations I shoot in, so this will be a little guide for you, IF you ever get the chance to come and visit!

I LOVE using our red rocks as a backdrop for many of my photo shoots. I’m surrounded by the most gorgeous landscape…… God’s country I like to say! The climate too, is just beautiful. Although it does get cold in the winter, and HOT in the summer, there’s very little rain and pretty much no snow. We like to say that we can stand a couple of hot months for perfect weather every other time of the year.


This particular place was at Valley of Fire State Park, which is north of Las Vegas and south of where I live. It’s actually located in Nevada. Every time we drive by the exit, we say that we should go there. Part of what I wanted to do more of this new year, was to go see MORE places here and in our surrounding states. WE FINALLY MADE IT, and it did not disappoint!



Another great place to see if you’re here, is Snow Canyon. I was just there recently doing a photo shoot and we went to a different location there and again….. I was blown away! Literally EVERYWHERE you look, it’s just stunning. I never get tired of the red rock formations! There are lots of hikes through the canyon that are pretty easy and fun to take kids on! A great place for a picnic!


Zion National Park is a must-see too! Springdale is the little town you will go through before entering the park. It’s full of cute little shops and restaurants. We spend most of our time actually inside the park hiking and taking pictures. We’ve spent two Thanksgiving dinners at Majestic Lodge. It was really fun being there in that stunning landscape having a Thanksgiving meal together. It’s very “lodgy” (not fancy) but a very romantic!


Both swimsuits are from Lime Ricki

Lake Powell is INCREDIBLE! I’ve been going there for such a long time. If you don’t have your own boat or houseboat, you can rent them there. Antelope Point is our favorite marina. The list to get a houseboat can be quite a wait, so if it’s something you’re thinking about, you need to plan perhaps a year wait. I feel that the BEST WAY to do Powell, is definitely on a houseboat!


Tuacahn Amphitheatre is THE MOST beautiful outdoor theatre I’ve ever been to. It’s tucked in to the red rocks and is amazing. Part of the set is actually in the red rocks! Although COVID has really hit them hard, they have had some productions, with everyone required to mask up. Since I’ve been married and lived here, I’ve been lucky to go often. My favorite was of course, The Sound Of Music (my favorite movie as a little girl). It’s quite an experience! There’s all kinds of productions there, concerts, musicals, etc.


My outfit was from Anthropologie

Kolob Canyon is where we had our engagement pictures taken. It’s part of Zion National Park. This would be a great place to hike. We’ve not spent a whole lot of time there, but absolutely SPECTACULAR scenery. If you are in to photography ALL of these places are incredible photo opportunities! THIS would be a fun place to stay while visiting this location or anywhere in Zion….. Under Canvas is the ultimate glamping experience!

I LOVE living here and thought it would be good to document PLACES TO SEE IN SOUTHERN UTAH. This blog could be much more in depth, because there’s so much to share. I’ll post a part II in the next little while. Hope you enjoyed it…. let me know if you all like posts like this or would rather have me stick to just fashion.

Take care friends!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Places To See In Southern Utah

  1. Oh, I love this post Shauna! A lot of the places you mentioned are new to me and we’ve been wanting to take another trip to Utah. I imagine we could find plenty of areas to ride our mountain electric bikes. Very helpful and beautiful photos!

    1. Dawn that makes me so happy! YES…. you should come soon and bring those bikes! It’s beautiful country for that! Thank you for your comment! XO

  2. We adore Utah and cannot wait to return/ we love staying in Park City and getting in the car and explore!
    Thank You for all these tips-such a Beautiful State!

    1. Mary….. I’m so sorry I almost missed your comment! Utah is BEAUTIFUL, isn’t it? I’m so happy you love it as much as I do! Hope to see you here soon! XO

  3. Years ago when my kids were small, we drove to Lake Powell from Chicago. Yes Long drive. But totally worth it. We arranged for a house boat well in advance. It was a perfect vacation. Kids absolutely loved it. The landscape in Utah is surreal. This trip is back on my bucket list. 🤞

    1. Susan, Lake Powell is an ABSOLUTE PLAYGROUND for anyone! So happy you got the chance to come. And the houseboat way IS THE BEST! Hope you can visit us very soon! Take care! XO

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