Get Younger Looking Skin With Crepe Erase

Do you deal with crepey skin? Welllllll…. get younger looking skin with CREPE ERASE! I remember as a young girl looking and actually playing with my grandmother’s skin! It was so soft and loose and crepey!!!! Do you remember pinching your grandma’s skin and it would just stay there? Yep…. that’s the classic CREPE SKIN! Are you finding that your skin is starting to look like this? I AM!!!! It bothers me MOST on my neck! So….. when this arrived for me to review, I was super eager to try it!


Skin crepe essentially is…… dry, thin, and delicate skin. It actually looks and feels like crepe paper, and this is where it gets its name. Do you remember crepe paper?? Crepey skin TOTALLY looks just like it! So what causes it? Skin crepe is caused as we age, another bummer, right? Our skin becomes thinner and loses its ability to retain moisture. This is caused from the lack of elastin and collagen.

And that’s where Crepe Erase comes in. It’s an anti-aging treatment for LOOSE and CREPEY skin! Who wouldn’t want to see positive results with that issue?? Crepe Erase is made with essential phytonutrients that work to protect the skin’s essential structure, targeting the side effects of aging and UV damage. And listen to this….. it’s derived from extracts of apple, dill and sage! These three together will help support the elastin production of your skin for firmer, smoother, AND HEALTHIER skin!

Get younger looking skin with Crepe Erase! Consider using it as part of your beauty regimen. You can feel confident again with the look of your skin! I LOVE trying new products! You could say that I’m a product junkie! THIS has been really great to review and TO ACTUALLY SEE THE RESULTS! We all want to look and FEEL younger, and the reduced look of skin crepe is certainly a great way to do just that!

Shauna XO

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