A Winter Coat With A Statement

I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing a winter coat….. until now. A WINTER COAT WITH A STATEMENT has me rethinking the idea of forgoing a coat. I live in a climate that’s mild, very little rain and no snow. So a lot of the time (especially during the day) a coat is just too bothersome. I have a whole closet full of coats, that seldom get worn.

THIS COAT from Chicos is super plush and definitely makes a statement and is such fun to wear! The bold plaid, and soft colors are beautiful! The fit is really flattering! A trench design will ALWAYS be in style, always!

Does the plaid throw you when trying to wear it with your other outfits? Of course it takes some thought and I wouldn’t ever wear it with something that it doesn’t go with, but I bet I can show you how versatile it really is….. even with the color and even with the plaid!

These are my thoughts……

This winter coat with a statement can be worn with ANY of your jeans, except for maybe the brightly colored type. Dark jeans, light jeans, white jeans, black jeans, or neutral pair of pants. You could wear any neutral SMALL PRINT pant or skirt or dress. I’m going to style it below for you to get a picture of how you can wear it multiple ways!


Mix the dotted shirt with the plaid jacket! How fun is this combo with the sparkly jeans?! I added a couple of pieces of jewelry, a hat, and some neutral booties. I have two completely different price points here on the booties. I LOVE the pricey ones, but the Target snakeskin pair would would work really well too!


I am LOVING this look! You could wear denim anything…. jumpsuit, skirt, dress or your jeans! It’s ADORABLE! This dress is fitted and will fit nicely underneath the coat. I’ve styled it with two different pairs of boots. THIS ONE is a SCREAMING DEAL!!!!!!! You can wear opaque tights with the tall boots, or I would wear bare legs. The earrings and glasses add a fun trendy pop of fun! THIS sweater dress would also look super cute!


Pattern upon pattern mixing here…… and it works because of this! Remember that these are just ideas! Whether or not you would wear this, I’m here to show you that it can work, and might spur on another idea that you may come up with. The plaids together work in my opinion because, they are each a different scale. The pants are a tighter plaid. I’ve added a simple lightweight sweater underneath, some fun booties and a beanie. You could switch out the booties, or switch out the pants to tone it down some. But TOGETHER…… I would totally wear this! Remember if you put pattern with the coat, choose a smaller closer print.

So ladies….. don’t be afraid of a winter coat with a statement. There are so many ways to style it! Have fun with it and let your creative juices flow! You can make it as simple or sassy as your imagination will allow. Hopefully these tips will help you to see outside of your normal way of thinking!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “A Winter Coat With A Statement

  1. Love the coat, the colors are so soft and soothing! Makes you want to cuddle up in it and your styling tips are so spot on! I have to admit living in Iowa brings HUGE weather extremes, from 90+ in the summer to well below zero in the winter. It is a closet’s nightmare but a fashionista’s dream! By the time my bones have thawed out from winter and I have basked in the heat of the summer sun, the air brings a chill and fall appears. Time to get out the suede boots, plush jackets, knit wraps and sweater capes. Then as the air gets colder and snowy, sweaters become cozier and faux fur coats look and feel amazing against the snowy backdrop of winter. When I don’t think I can take another day of being bundled up, the air begins to warm and the buds of spring start to appear. Now I can’t say I haven’t entertained the idea of retirement in a warmer climate because summer is by far my favorite but for now I am enjoying the change of seasons and the rotating beauty of the Midwest.

    1. Hi Michelle, this is written absolutely BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!! You should be an author! I LOVE the change of the seasons as well. I grew up and have lived in the Salt Lake City area in Utah most of my life, where there are distinct seasons. I now live down south where it’s much warmer. But each one is pretty in it’s own way. I LOVE fall the most. I’m so happy you stopped by. Your comment is one of the best! Thanks again Michelle! Have a WONDERFUL week! XO

  2. Hi! Blue is definitely your color! I love the clothes ! Jacket? Adorable! But you add something to your beautiful outfits that money can’t but. It has been said the eyes are the window to the soul. You glow . You glow with love , kindness, a heart for people and your not afraid to share with us your struggles. Basically I LOVE everything !!! We walk on with courage , faith and prayer. I’m cleaning, Getting rid of lots of stuff. You spoke about that right? It feels great! Tomorrow I’m starting again! And the government shall be upon HIS shoulders. 🙏🏻💕 Saying this often. May your week be filled with love and peace.

    1. Sally what a SWEET COMMENT! I don’t know that I’ve ever had a comment this nice! THANK YOU!!! Yes I did talk about cleaning out and getting rid of stuff! It does feel good to be a little simpler about things! It’s very empowering! I hope that this new year is fantastic for you and that your attitude is one of optimism! We all need to recognize more, the good in EVERY SINGLE DAY! Take care girl! XO

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