Chicos Continues To Impress Me

Chicos continues to impress me with their style. This truly is a company that LISTENS TO WHAT WOMEN WANT! I’m forever saying….. “This is my favorite order ever!”, and then the next one tops the last! In December I got these fantastic jeweled jeans and bright red/orange silky ruffled top as well as this scrumptious cozy set that I’ve already posted…. which by the way, will go down as some of my FAVORITE from Chicos! The jeans are so darling! And as always the quality from Chicos is TOPS!

I was so excited to have the jeweled jeans for all my holiday celebrations! I wore them with a graphic sweatshirt, a cozy sweater, and underneath a shearling jacket. They are versatile enough to do ANYTHING you want them to! Think of some faux fur, that would look fantastic! They can be worn all year long. In the summer they would look perfect with just a white tee and some sandals!

The red silky top is so easy to layer up….. or not. The color is bright and vibrant and my favorite shade of red! It was gorgeous underneath this pretty cashmere blend sweater! It would look so classy with a suit! One of these days I’m going to have a suit! I would wear this during the warmer months as well with some white jeans! It’s a darling blouse! It’s for sure a classic and for sure could be considered an essential!

This set again, is my favorite and I wore it here in this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! It really is such a luxurious set, and could be worn to a really nice event or party/gathering. I keep saying and I’ll keep saying….. it’s so worth checking in to! It’s just BEAUTIFUL!

So stay tuned friends… seriously, CHICOS continues to impress me with their styles, their customer care, and their quality! It’s been a fabulous brand to work with!

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK, and watch for MORE CHICOS STYLES coming up in the next week! Here are the NEW ARRIVALS….. what are your favorites? THIS is one of mine!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Chicos Continues To Impress Me

  1. I loved that set the first time you featured it and now with the red gloves, wow! Love the pop of red. I have bushes and small ornamental trees in my yard, right now they are bare in the winter but when the cardinals perch in them it is that same pop of color amongst the neutral palette of winter. You can tell you are in a very happy place in your life as it shines though in all your photos. Happiness is truly the best accessory and you wear it well!!

    1. Michelle how sweet of you to say!!!! I love your poetic style!!! I bet those cardinal birds are GORGEOUS to see. I can visualize them now! Yes, this set truly is so beautiful! I’ve really enjoyed it! I hope that YOU TOO are in a good place in your life! True HAPPINESS is very hard to hide! XO

  2. That jacket must have been made SPECIFICALLY for you! There’s no way you can’t get it!

  3. I really do love all those outfits!! No wonder Chico’s has you for their Ambassador!! They seem tailor made for you!

    1. Cheryl….. and wait until you see what arrived today! They really do keep getting better and BETTER! I LOVE that about a brand….. keeping up with their customer’s wishes!!! Have a great week! XO

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