Why I Need A Multivitamin

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Do you take a multivitamin daily? I was someone who until recently, never took vitamins or supplements, but in the spirit of changing things up and taking a more hands on approach to my health (much like many of you have!), I have been using NATURE MADE Multi For Her as part of #MyHealthyNature routine.

Given the stage of life I’m in, a multivitamin helps ensure I am getting the nutrients I need to support my overall health. I take it with my first meal every day! In the past, I haven’t been the best about taking vitamins, but I’ve known I need to change that…. even at the recommendation of my doctor! Even those of us who live a healthy lifestyle can up the amount of the good stuff our body needs.

I want to chat about why I need a multivitamin, especially now at sixty years old. I’ve always been conscientious about my diet and health regime. I watch what I eat, I exercise, and I think I’m above average when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

But, regardless of how good my diet is, there still will be nutrients that I’m missing out on. Multivitamins are there to help fill those gaps. It’s so difficult to get EVERYTHING you need nutritionally, and this is why I love Nature Made’s Multi For Her, because it’s formulated to provide women with over 20 key nutrients for daily nutritional support! A multivitamin is essential in your approach to your HEALTHIEST self, especially as women! They are created with essential nutrients that women need EVERY SINGLE DAY! Designed to support the health of women over 50 years of age, Nature Made’s Multi For Her 50+ is formulated with a collection of key nutrients, including vitamins C and E and vitamins D and B for daily nutritional support. Also, a fun fact that some of you might not know, this specific supplement does not contain iron since iron requirements decrease with age. Who knew!


Whether you just turned 18, or like my mom who just celebrated her 86th birthday, or maybe somewhere in between…… Nature Made has a multivitamin for you! Everybody has different nutrient needs, and this brand has all those needs covered. They carry a multi for men, as well as pre and postnatal multi designed with the nutritional needs of women who are pregnant or recently gave birth, in mind. You can find their selection of multivitamins here.

Getting in to the habit of using a multivitamin from even a young age, is such a smart thing to do! Our bodies are always changing and if we want to treat them the best we know how, vitamins can be a great addition to your everyday routine!

One thing I love about the Nature Made website is there is a tab called HEALTH INTERESTS. You can click on this and find everything from JOINTS, BEAUTY, ENERGY, SLEEP, POST AND PRENATAL, etc. It will then direct you to what they have to offer in each of these categories! So user-friendly! It’s a fantastic way to know what you’re getting and how to help in these areas! And for those of you who truly want to see a vitamin and supplement regimen designed just for you based on your lifestyle, take this handy quiz!

We all know that our bodies are ever-changing! Our AGE, ACTIVITY LEVEL, LOCATION, GENDER, and DIET all impact our overall health and wellness. Finding the right vitamin and supplement routine helps me maintain my healthy lifestyle! Nature Made gives me what my body needs at the moment in my life!

I have the confidence just knowing that I’m taking better care of myself through taking a multivitamin. I know my body is getting more of what it needs to perform at its best! It has been a good move on my part to add Nature Made to my mornings!!! What is your routine…. I’d love to know!

Shauna XO

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    1. Hi Jana, thank you! I’ve been using these for at least two months now and LOVE the way they make me feel. It’s so hard to get EVERYTHING you need in your normal meals! Also the leggings are from SAVVI. Link is below and THANKS for stopping by! Have a great week! XO


      1. Hello!My name is Márcia ,from Brasil.You ar beautifuy!!I am 50 years old.I am happy!!!Thanks.Bye.Kisses

  1. My go to exercise is jumping on a mini trampoline!!! Just turn on some great clubbing music and bounce!!!

    1. Debbie……. What a great way to EXERCISE! I actually used to do that back in the day after I had my second little boy! SUPER DUPER FUN…. and important to have FUN while exercising!!! XOXO

  2. Ok, I know this is about a multivitamin and yes I take them but what I really need are THOSE leggings!! Killer!

    1. Michelle, THANK YOU! They are from SAVVI (website linked here) of which I’m a little bit part of! They have super fun things! PINK leopard will always be a WINNER!!!! Have a great week! XO


  3. Where do you shop for clothes I’m petite and like your style. I’m fit and 61 but find most clothes have gone to totally baggy and ugly during these times. Help!

    1. Hi Kim…. I think you’re looking in all the wrong places. The styles are going to the oversized look right now, but there is ALWAYS clothes that are more fitted. I wear Anthropologie, Chicos, Nordstrom, Target. Does that help? XO

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