All Out Wild And Bold!

Oh how I love to be all out wild and bold when it comes to dressing. But that’s all relative, right? Some would think that I’m maybe a bit too adventurous! Some people say to me, “ONLY YOU could get away with that!” But again, everything is relative!

I’ve noticed just recently on Instagram, women my age and older, wearing much bolder things than I ever would. I would maybe wear what they have on one piece at a time, but not all together. So when I see women like that, I don’t feel bold at all, but rather conservative!

THIS DRESS….. was brought too me, while I was shopping, to try! Dirk, who works at my Anthropologie, comes up with the best things for me “to try”, and they seem to ALWAYS BE A HIT! I don’t know that I would ever have picked out this dress on my own. It’s a little bit out there, and maybe just a bit off in what I would consider my colors. But….. I tried it on for him.

I LOVE IT! My husband loved it too, and that even surprised me a bit, because I feel like he leans a little bit to the classic styles. But OH MY HEAVENS, it was AND IS so much fun! I would also wear it with some nude heels and fishnets to lighten it up a bit, or maybe even some black tall heeled boots and a black hat!!!

Would you wear something this bold? What is YOUR BOLD? I love to be different and unique, but I also have to feel good in something. Remember that confidence is an absolute necessary part to a look! You have to have it in order for it to all work!

This dress will be much shorter on a taller woman. I’m only 5′ 1.5″ and it hits me right at my knee. A taller person could actually wear this with some skinny jeans and it would look AWESOME! Or what about some fantastic OTK boots (these are KILLER and FANTASTIC SALE) and tights for those with long legs?!!

I styled it with some wine colored tights and a pair of wine colored fishnets over the top. My shoes are vintage Anthro, but I believe everyone should have this color in their closets. The deep wine color can really be treated as a neutral!

Here are some super BOLD pieces that I could have some fun with. As I alluded above, I’m not sure I would wear ALL BOLD, just a piece or maybe two, with the rest on the simple side!

So I would encourage any person…. to be all out wild and bold with their style! Whatever that is for you, is fine. What it really means is to step outside of your box and see how much fun you can have with fashion!

Have a great rest of your week friends!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “All Out Wild And Bold!

  1. I had a conversation with someone the other day who is always very generous with her compliments on my style (very classic). She asked me if I like Anthropologie. I said that I love to walk through and always hope to find something that works for me but I never have. My friend LOVES Anthropologie and boho style and I can’t picture her in anything else. We both commented on how we want to be like the other (she’d like to be more classic and I’d like to be more Anthro) but that we can’t pull it off; it simply doesn’t feel right. I thought it was a fun and interesting conversation which was reflected in this post. I love your blog, Shauna, and wish I could be as adventurous as you with fashion but it simply isn’t me. So, I continue to look forward to what you’ll put together and pull off so well.

    P.S. I went way outside my comfort zone recently and purchased a pretty, feminine white blouse with lace detail. I was on the fence about keeping it but finally wore it and, to my surprise, felt pretty darn cute, lol! That’s about as far out of my box as I’ll probably ever venture though. 😉

    1. Dawn…… I LOVE your comment!!!!! THIS is what I’m talking about EXACTLY!!! There isn’t one style that’s right. But there is probably one style that works best for YOU! To figure that out is the key! When I’m wearing what’s right for ME…… I feel my best! I admire too….. those girls that can wear classic with such elegance, but not really me! FASHION is an interesting topic! Thank you for stopping by Dawn! XO

  2. I love this dress!!!!! I would wear it in a nanosecond!!! Love the fabric! Wish I had somewhere to go!!!!

    1. Cathy…. it’s quite something for sure! It may be a dress worth picking up now so you have on hand to wear somewhere special later on….. I love to have things in my closet that are “special” that I can pull out in times like that! Hopefully, they’re not too far away!!!!!! XO

  3. So. Dang. Cute! I would wear it, but, it would be really strange if two of us showed up at the same event!

    1. Yes Linda…. definitely a dress that stands out and would be very awkward with two of the same in one place! Thank you for your comment! Have a beautiful week! XO

  4. Hi, Shauna,
    I realize I am commenting on this post late. You look stunning in that dress, and I love the way you pulled it off with the colored tights and red ankle strap shoes. I don’t usually wear clothing that comes that high up on my neck; it simply isn’t comfortable for me. Now, if that dress had been designed a little closer to the body, had a V-neck and, say, 3/4 length sleeves, I would consider wearing it for myself. I have tried some bolder styles–clothing that my friends would never consider wearing but love on me. Now that I’m living in a small rural town and not getting out much at all, a bold look is definitely not what I’m wearing now. Many folks in my town sport camo, and camo is not really my thing. It’s also a very cold winter here, and I’m dressing for warmth. Fleecy leggings, long-sleeved tops and a vest are more my style right now. I’m also over 65, so what looks great on you might not necessarily work for me!

    1. Kathy…. sounds to me like you know EXACTLY what works for you!! That’s KEY! People will say to me that I look good in anything….. but NOT TRUE! I just know what works for me and so it just appears that everything works! So kiddos to you and…. STAY WARM!!! XO

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