Which Do You Prefer… Classic Or Trendy Style

Which do you prefer, CLASSIC OR TRENDY STYLE? I’m one to like a lot of different looks, and certainly CLASSIC falls in there. But TRENDY is probably what I turn to the most. I seem to LOVE pretty much everything that is new and different. Classic is probably NOT what I would choose first. To me it feels boring and too sophisticated. I definitely don’t like boring, and sophisticated doesn’t describe me at all.

I would much prefer going with something vibrant and colorful and full of pattern, etc. But can you dress in a more classic way using color and pattern? I also love different silhouettes, which is probably THE ONE THING that would define a CLASSIC look versus a TRENDY look.

My outfit here, from Chicos, I feel has a more classic vibe. The red, black, and gray palatte seem classic to me. The jacket is timeless, the simple gray pull-on jean, houndstooth scarf and classic black hat all have more of a classic feel than trendy to me.

I LOVE how these pieces came together. I’m sure a lot has to do with the BOLD VIBRANT RED of the jacket. The graphic pattern of the scarf is supposedly what works for me, if you were to talk to those “experts”! With those two things, this classic look works for me!

Can you mix the two? I say, OF COURSE YES, but it can be tricky to do, so it flows together nicely. I would wear the jacket with a cute pair of silky or velvet joggers. I would also wear it with my most distressed pair of jeans and combat boots. I would wear the scarf with possibly a floral boho girly dress. I think that mix could be fabulous!

So I feel that mixing the two CAN work. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to fashion, but also think about whether something works, MORE now than ever before…. due to my age. But like I’ve always said, “If I/you feel confident in something, I believe it will work!”

So….. which do you prefer, classic or trendy style? As long as YOU feel confident in something and it makes you happy, you’ll look BEAUTIFUL!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “Which Do You Prefer… Classic Or Trendy Style

  1. Thank you as you always have a lovely fresh perspective. I personally am usually pretty conservative but you are definitely helping me to step outside my box.

    1. Hi Tracey…. thank you for stopping by! I think everyone sort of gets stuck in their own box of what is comfortable and feels right to them. I’m ALWAYS watching and observing others, and being inspired to do new things. That’s what makes FASHION FUN!!!! Happy New Year! XO

    2. Hi. You look great. How do you stay slim? I noted in one of your posts you stated that your size never changes. What’s your secret? I love trendy but worry that it goes out of style quick and it’s money spent too quickly and frivolously.

      1. Hi Carol! I seriously have to work EVERY SINGLE DAY on my fitness! I’m not one that it comes for free! I work out every day but Sunday and really watch what I eat! As far as trends go….. that’s where it’s a good idea to shop budget-friendly pieces!!!!! Thank you for your comment girl! XO

  2. I love your style, Shauna. I also prefer a mix of trendy and classic, and I love accessories. Chico’s is usually my go-to for outfits that can be easily mixed and matched.

    1. Kathy THANK YOU! Being creative and mixing trendy and classic, old and new, is so fun! You can bring in your own personality to make a look ALL YOU! And yes, CHICOS has some of the best accessories around, for sure! XO

  3. Adorable, as always! I love both, but I think classic works best for my looks. I am still learning how to combine the two styles to suit my taste. Your images are inspiring me!

    1. Hi Marie! That makes me feel so good! I think STYLE is a never-ending and always changing thing! I’m so glad to hear that you are learning new ways to change up your style! I think I would get bored if I stuck with something for too long! Thanks for stopping by! XO

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