Wear Turquoise and Silver Anytime

I think you can wear TURQUOISE and SILVER…. anytime! In fact I think you should wear as much as you can! It’s all so GORGEOUS! I’ve loved turquoise since I can remember, and so have been thrilled that I have the chance to sell it to you at HALF OF RETAIL!!!

You’ll notice that in a lot of my pictures I’m wearing turquoise somewhere. I probably wear my turquoise rings the most. I have several and they always seem to add just the right touch of POP to my outfit! An example of that is right here.

My connection to a friend in Southern Utah has allowed me to offer you these pieces at INCREDIBLE prices. They are all real, authentic, and BEAUTIFUL! I don’t know how you would pick which piece to get because each one is amazing!

THIS might just be my FAVORITE!

Necklace ~ Earrings ~ Ring ~ Bracelet ~ Bracelet ~ Belt ~ Sunnies

The turquoise strand can be found here…. I’m wearing two!

You can SHOP my turquoise shop right here at SHOP CHIC. It should be super easy to use. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything. The rings have their sizes on them, but can be resized for just $10!

If you’re not sure how to wear turquoise…… READ this article here for some inspiration! To me turquoise goes with nearly everything! I would wear it all dressed up or in a very laid-back way. Either works. Have you all seen images of Ralph Lauren using turquoise in his FASHION? Gorgeous!!

Here are some more images and TURQUOISE INSPIRATION!

I really hope you LOVE looking through and shopping MY TURQUOISE and SILVER SHOP! I LOVE it and am super happy to share it all with you. So friends remember…… you can wear turquoise and silver anytime! I sure would!!!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Wear Turquoise and Silver Anytime

    1. I love turquoise jewelry, there are so many variations of colors in the stone itself. There is certainly something for everyone. Your jewelry is timeless & beautiful!!! *****go to the menu at top of page and click on Shop Chic to see the jewelry and much more!!!

      1. Cheryl thank you! I am with you! Turquoise is SO MUCH FUN and GORGEOUS in color! It’s amazing at how different it can all look! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!! XO

    2. Julie sorry you’re having trouble. I just checked all the links and they’re working on my end. Were you able to get any to work?

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