The A-line Skirt… Flirty And Feminine

Out of any style of skirt, the A-LINE skirt….. is flirty and feminine. This one I’m wearing here is at least five years old from Anthropologie. Why are they so good? Do you wear the a-line style? How do you style it?

The a-line skirt is the most comfortable to wear, because you don’t have to worry about what’s happening underneath. The lines you get with a pencil skirt can be super hard to mask. The a-line will accentuate the waist and the flare is so flirty! I LOVE all things girly, and this style of skirt IS!

This one hits me just above the knee which is most flattering to me. I would wear anywhere from this length (no shorter for me) and on down to an inch or so below the knee. After that I would wear the midi style. That just looks better on my frame.

How would you style the a-line skirt? One thing you need to think about is to make sure you can see the waist! Either a tuck, or a half tuck, or knotted in the back as I have here. This will allow you to keep the shape and not overwhelm the fullness of the flare. If you’re super tiny on top then you can go for something a little more voluminous. If you have a thicker frame (like me) then stay with more fitted. Always think of BALANCE!

I’ve put together a couple of super cute looks using the a-line skirt! I’ve shown different lengths. Again, for me….. I prefer one just above the knee or just below. But remember, I have little short legs!!!!!! Ugh! In my next life I’ll have super LONG ones! LOL!

I think this is ultra feminine….. maybe even for your VALENTINE’S celebration? This of course is a long version of the a-line style. The SHOES are a little over the top, but so sassy and fabulous! I would wear them with my grungiest jeans for a little juxtaposition! And the cashmere sweater comes in a zillion colors and is a classic.

This skirt is exactly like what I have on here…… except that it’s leopard and 40% off, and ADORABLE! The soft blue sweater and statement earrings are perfect for it! Add some classic black kitten heels and nude fishnets and another beautiful feminine look with some edge!

I LOVE this a-line pleated number. I would wear this with sneakers….. so girly and comfy! Or white booties would be darling too. The red loose sweater gives it a casual vibe. These are the sneakers I would wear…. they are my favorites and in my closet! Add this hat for some extra pizazz!

How do you wear your A-LINES?!! The a-line skirt…. flirty and feminine FOR SURE!

Shauna XO

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  1. Love your style, and love your attitude and outlook on life, you posted something a while ago about a dental plan, I can’t seem to find it again, could you please direct me to that post!
    Thank You,

    1. Lauri I’ve never blogged about dental, but have on VSP VISION PLANS. Is that what you’re thinking?

    1. THANK YOU Sharon! I don’t love it a lot down like this. Believe it or not it takes more time and fussing over styled like this!!!!

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