Chicos Now Has Skinny Jeans

My sunnies can be found right here! And only $25!!! FASHIONISTA-like!

Did you know that CHICOS now has skinny jeans!!! This is such great news if you’re in to jeans! I got my pair last week and they are seriously so soft and comfy. And we all know that jeans a lot of times, are not that comfy…. especially the skinny kind!

This is how CHICOS describes them…

SUMPTUOUS and SOFT—that’s what comes to mind when you slip into these ankle-length, skinny jeans. They’re crafted in a woven fabric that’s so INCREDIBLY soft it feels like a knit, all in a skinny-leg styling that makes your FORM LOOK FLAWLESS. They’re perfect for creating a long-over-lean look with longer tops and tunics.

I did capitalize a few words, but they really are THAT good! I love mine and so wanted to share with those of you out there, that don’t have a lot of time to shop around. These definitely are a basic and a classic and will be you go-to jeans for a long while!

They also come in two washes…. the darker one that I’m wearing and then a lighter Indigo color. The darker wash would be what you’d wear more if you want to look more dressed up. The lighter Indidgo of course is a bit trendier and more casual. But BOTH fantastic jeans!

So, are you wondering about the whole “SKINNY” thing? Like maybe what to wear with them, or if anyone can wear them, etc. Here are a few tips to think about. First when wearing skinny jeans, wear something more loose and free on top. NOT necessarily LONG, but not skin tight. Doing super fitted both top and bottom is hard to get away with unless you’re super fit.

Next I think ANYONE can wear them. It just depends on the fit, the wash, and what you have going on with them! You can wear heels or sneakers, AND dressed up or down. I like them to hit me right at the ankle, and if they’re longer I just roll them up a bit, like here. They are the perfect kind to wear tucked in to a tall boot!

Here is another way I would style my skinny jeans!

The perfect boots for skinny jeans and they come in this red and tan. SO CUTE! I love this outfit! The looser sweater jacket is perfect to balance out the skinny!

And here’s how I would wear my skinnies with sneakers! Isn’t this coat adorable and ON SALE for 50% OFF! And these sneakers were a gift from Santa and perfect because they’re platform AND washable!

I’m so excited that CHICOS now has skinny jeans for us girls! It’s really fabulous news! You can find yours here!

Shauna XO

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  1. You lucky ones with thin calves. My pants size is determined by my calf size. Than I still have to fit the waist down.

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