Happy Feet With Easy Spirit

Do you know that YOU CAN HAVE HAPPY FEET….with Easy Spirit SHOES??? You literally can be out and about all day long in these cute little high-tops and be SUPER COMFY!

I’m partnering with EASY SPIRIT as one of their brand ambassadors ALL SEASON LONG. I’m excited to show you several different looks from EASY SPIRIT! And let me just say they are ALL COMFY and ALL FABULOUS!!!! I’ve been so happy with this brand and its quality.

So here’s a question for you……WHAT DO YOU MOVE FOR? As we get older, and we all do, it becomes more and more important for us to KEEP MOVING!!! But it also becomes harder because we get slower and the aches and unfortunately, pains will be more and more noticeable! THIS is why it becomes necessary to BE AS COMFY AS POSSIBLE!!!! Be comfortable will keep you motivated to KEEP MOVING!!!

EASY SPIRIT shoes will give you all the comfort you need and there’s such a great selection too! Some for walking, BEST SELLERS, and travel but so much more!! Comfort at every angle for anyone!!!!! They say COMFORT UNCOMPLICATED, and they sure do make it THAT!!!

So stay tuned for more EASY SPIRIT STYLE right here! And remember when I say you’ll have HAPPY FEET WITH EASY SPIRIT! I say that because it’s true! No matter what you move for or how you live your days, these shoes will give you ALL the comfort you deserve!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Happy Feet With Easy Spirit

    1. Hi Paula, that’s AWESOME! I can guarantee you that you’ll have the HAPPIEST FEET EVER!!!!! XOXO

  1. I’ve worn Easy Spirit sneakers for over ten years. Best shoe ever.
    Can you tell me who’s necklace you were wearing when you hair was pink?
    It was a toggle necklace with three bee charms hanging on it. Beautiful.
    Thank you.

  2. Need to try these. I have some Skechers that my Prince C. bought for me and they are very comfortable, too. Can’t have too many comfortable shoes after years of squeezing into heels for work!!

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