Packing With Chicos

Hey friends……I’m PACKING TODAY WITH CHICOS! Actually I’ve already packed and am on my way to the Western Mediterranean for a fabulous cruise. I have been SO EXCITED for this adventure….with my hubby…….actually this is our HONEYMOON! WE couldn’t be happier about this very first long distance adventure we will get to share together!

I am going in CHICOS name and so will be wearing CHICOS fashion exclusively. I think I only have just a few things in my bag that aren’t from Chicos, but everything else is! It has been so easy to pack under one name. I mean everything just goes so well together…I think of it sort of as a capsule wardrobe in a suitcase. I wanted to share with you what I’m taking, and then you can follow along with me on Instagram to see how I put these pieces together MY OWN WAY!

I’m packing one jumpsuit, one skirt, one pair of dark jeans, and five other pair of pants. I have LOTS of shoes, and LOTS of beautiful jewelry….mostly CHICOS as well. I have one denim jacket (vintage Chicos), a few scarves, and about four tees, and five other tops. ALL of these combined with everything else will give me PLENTY of outfits. OH……and my favorite, THIS rain jacket! Oh my!


I THINK this is everything. There are a couple of things that are “similar” to what’s in my bag, but all from CHICOS! I’m going to look fabulous I think! Packing this way is absolutely so easy. When I arrive I’ll be able to choose my outfits with NO STRESS! I’ve even packed a couple of my VINTAGE Chicos pieces.

I feel confident that I’ll have everything I need! Packing with CHICOS is such a great idea!!!!! I’ve got a “BOATload” of shoes! My hubby told me that he KNOWS I won’t wear all of them, but I’m sure he’s wrong! All of this fit in to my pink suitcase, with my shoes in my carry-on along with my camera. The pictures are going to be fabulous!

Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM. I’ll be posting every day along with LOTS of stories! I’ll share more details as we go! There is one place I’m particularly EXCITED about. It starts with a G! Can you guess?

I won’t be blogging much while I’m gone, but some really great blogs when I return! I would LOVE to know what sort of things you like to read in a travel blog? Leave it below in the comments, and I’ll try to address everyone!

Bye-bye friends!

Shauna XO

21 thoughts on “Packing With Chicos

  1. Have a great time. Hope we see your cute hubby in some pictures with you !! Can’t wait to see all the clothes on you ! Is there enough room for Lorin in the room with all the clothes and Accessories. Lol

    1. Leslie, thank you! He doesn’t love being in my pics, but I posted a really great one today on Instagram! It’s been an amazing adventure for sure!!!!!! And…..ALMOST not enough room for him! LOL!!! XO

  2. I LOVE that fact that with Chicos I can dress as a professional (counselor in high school) & then change a few pieces and go into an evening outing 🥰😍

  3. Chico’s is my absolute favorite! They have the most beautiful, stylish clothes! Can’t wait to see your pics! Have a fabulous honeymoon! Kim

    1. Kim CHICOS really does have such great clothing and the quality is TOPS!!! I love the fabrics they choose! THANK YOU SO MUCH! XO

  4. That’s awesome Cyndi, you and Chuck are overdue for a honeymoon, so glad you guys are getting this chance to enjoy yourselves!!! I love the Chico theme, you’ll look great. Especially the raincoat, looks similar to the one I have. May God’s blessings be with you both chicka 💖

  5. I wish I had read this before I finished my packing! I’m also going on a cruise to Venice, Italy, Greece and Split. Oh it would have been fabulous if we were on the same ship! Have a fabulous honeymoon! 🙂 xxx

    1. Sharon that would have been amazing!!!! I’ve been able to meet a few of my followers out and about and it has been so fun! ENJOY your trip! XOXO

  6. Have a fabulous honeymoon. You will look fantastic and be comfortable in all your Chico’s looks! Enjoy.

    1. Carolyn it was FABULOUS….on my way home now, and that’s another story! Stay tuned!!!!!! #eyeroll

  7. Fabulous honeymoon capsule wardrobe. Can’t believe that ll fit in a suitcase. Hope you packed a couple of bathing suits, too!! Have the very best time. Looking forward to pictures.

    1. Hi Leslie! I’m convinced that this is the only way to pack!! And thank you so much….we really did have such a lovely time!!!!!! XO

  8. I travel every October to my native Denmark, and I am always anxious to show off my new Chicos pieces, everyone always comments how chic they are, and always in style.
    I am 80 years old, but noone believes it ,when I show up in my Chicos outfits !

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