We Wore Our Chicos Linen

Over in Italy…in Florence actually WE WORE OUR CHICOS LINEN. And not only did we wear our linen, but we wore it on the carousel!!!!!! Linen to me is all about summer. It’s cool and breathable, and so light. It’s absolutely meant for SUMMER fashion! I love the texture of linen too. And these soft colors are perfect for warm weather.

The jacket that SheShe and Jamie are wearing is SO CUTE and also Chicos linen! I actually have one, but chose not to wear it with my cropped pants because I’m just too short. I have however, worn it with regular length jeans and it was SO CUTE! This is the cutest linen jacket I’ve ever had.

My striped linen shirt would be my first pick for a summer linen top! I’m such a lover of stripes! They are fun with solids, but my GO-TO for when I want to do some pattern mixing! This shirt is such a classic! I’ve worn it with a white pencil skirt, my red pants, jeans, and tied up in a knot and over my swimsuit!!!!!!

And then there’s these fun cropped pants. They have a tie belt and big pockets….love the pockets! I love the way Chicos describes these on their site….”Your strappy sandals have met their favorite crops!” They are cute with the strappy look, but also with sneakers like I have here!!!!

But friends….listen to this! EVERYTHING I’m wearing from Chicos here, IS ON SALE!!!!!!! Jamie’s pants are ON SALE as well. Such a fun neutral pair that will go with everything!

CHICOS has the greatest sales!! I’m learning to do better at stocking up during the sales. I haven’t always been good this way….sadly! You can see all SALE items right here! And all of Chicos linens can be found here.

And now back to the carousel…..we seriously had a blast as we rode it around and around! We not only rode it once, but paid to stay on and ride it a second time! And maybe NOT to be able to take pictures! Maybe it was actually BECAUSE WE LOVED IT! You saw us riding it here, in my last post!

Shauna XO