Graphic Tees and Sassy Pants

Oh my love of graphic tees and sassy pants. Some would call these soft pants. If there were a store full of all kinds of everything when it comes to fashion, I would totally go towards the sassy pants and tees! I’m not sure that I’ll ever fall out of love with this look! COLOR and PATTERN are two of my favorite words! I wear a tee shirt almost 85% of the time, and the graphic style can be such FUN! And then colorful, loose pants are especially good during the summer months.

This outfit was one of the only things that I bought while in Italy. First it was this fun yellow bag! If you ever go to Italy, this was bought in Florence, you can buy these bags at such a reasonable price! I think this was 25 euros or something like that! I LOVE the color and I bought it with the purpose of carrying around my BIG camera!!!! It fits so nicely inside, and I love how deep this one is!

The outfit was purchased somewhere….I seriously can’t remember! I was drawn to this boutique’s adorable window display and you see it took me right in! There were so many fun things to look at! And again….the price point was really good! I can see these fun pants even worn to a garden wedding with a frilly top!

I knew I wanted to bring home something from Italy, and so this was it. I got the bag and then a couple pieces of really fun inexpensive jewelry. I’m so done with buying things for my home. I think when you get to be my age, you have acquired SO MUCH STUFF, and then have nowhere to put it! So clothing was my first choice of something to bring home from Italy!!!

Anyway….since these are from Italy, I’ve linked up similar looks here. This to me will be my SUMMER UNIFORM!!!!!!

So girls…get out your GRAPHIC TEES and SASSY PANTS because it’s such a fun way to dress AND BE COMFORTABLE!!!! And I want to believe…..that they’re here to stay!

By the way….my earrings are still available and I love them just as much now as I did when I got them!!!! My bracelets are here and here.

Shauna XO