Travels to Sanibel Island


I’ve just recently gotten home from a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida to celebrate NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY with my wonderful friend SheShe. We met early back when I first started blogging and connected immediately and have been friends since. Together we have worked alongside Chicos and was asked by them to come together and create some content to celebrate our friendship and NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY.

There is a quote that I LOVE…

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”

Isn’t this the truth? The outlook you have on the world is much different with friends in your life, who you know would be there in a heartbeat to support you in whatever challenge. This is how I feel about SheShe as well as many others who helped me get through my divorce. BLESSINGS indeed!

So my trip was fairly short but very sweet. Sanibel Island is of course very humid and a bit hot this time of year. But just like here where I live in Southern Utah, you work around the heat and it’s just not a problem. THIS REEL was our first day on the beach, showcasing the cutest SCARF from Chicos that’s designed with everything to do with the island. It’s ADORABLE! Remember that Chicos headquarters are in Fort Myers, just next to Sanibel.

We spent most of out time shooting content with Chicos. We were able to showcase five looks for them…. all of which you can see four of them here in THIS REEL. Chicos quality is right up there with the best…. the attention to detail, the fabrics, fit and construction. Let me show you all the fun.


FIRST LOOK- this is my favorite! I love the modern print and the colors are gorgeous!  Hopefully it will still be available when you read this, because it has actually sold out a couple of different times.

travels to Sanibel Island

SECOND LOOK- This is from Chicos ZENERGY LINE. This is their athleisure and as you can see, the perfect thing to wear for an active lifestyle. BOLD ELECTRIC and ready to MOVE is how Chicos describes this line!

Travels to Sanibel Island

THIRD LOOK- This green floral blouse I’m pretty sure is my favorite blouse ever from Chicos. It’s beautiful with their white jeans or really any of your denim. It’s sheer so you’ll need a cami underneath. We LOVED our green sandals with them. By the way Chicos footwear is absolutely FABULOUS!! And just a note about my white jeans…. I LOVE how these fit. A little higher waisted which works best for my body.

Travels to Sanibel Island

FOURTH LOOK~ These dresses are pure sunshine! The red and pink together looked so cute! Both dresses absolutely so comfy and easy breezy! You could wear either over a swimsuit and then to dinner with some heels.

Travels to Sanibel Island

FIFTH LOOK~ Nothing says summer like stripes, and look at these sleeves! They have a darling smocked detail and the bell shape is such fun! Everyone should own at least one striped tee for summer. It’s also cute paired with a floral bottom! Think #patternplay

So there you have it…… all the details on my travels to Sanibel Island. What a memorable trip! Thank you to CHICOS who made this possible for us to celebrate our friendship! We have logged in some super fun trips together and look forward to many MANY more. Psssst….. we’ve even begun talks on one possibly in the fall!

Shauna XO

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