Traveling Through Ireland

Traveling through Ireland today…. in my daydreams! I actually did spend a couple of weeks there a few years ago. I toured all throughout the country, but Kinsale was my FAVORITE. I ran across all my pictures the other day and thought that my CHICOS fashion would look beautiful on this cute little street in Kinsale.

First about this look from CHICOS…. these pants are their comfiest! They pull on like leggings, but feel like pants! The colors and print are fabulous! I would put these in the category of HAPPY PANTS! I’ve styled them many ways (with a tee, a chambray shirt, heels and flats) but loved this way with Chicos simple white linen shirt! If you don’t have a linen shirt yet, this one is so good. It doesn’t wrinkle like all the other ones do. And the rolled up button tabs on the sleeves are perfect for summer! My jewelry is also from Chicos.

Just a little PUSH for CHICOS….. if you want to travel in ease and style…. you can always count on their brand! It’s so easy to put a capsule wardrobe together and get multiple outfits out of a few things. THIS blog is a great example!


What I remember the most about Ireland was just the rich green, lush country it was. Until I got to Dublin, which was the last couple of days, it was very rural and country I felt. These farm cottages, and windy roads, all adorned in flowers, were breathtaking. It was just gorgeous!!! These pictures are all my own. I was just picking up photography as another hobby, and so had a blast with my BIG CAMERA, documenting my travels!

The above is at Dromoland Castle. This is where I stayed for the first couple of nights. It’s Ireland’s finest 5 star castle hotel. Every single inch of this is absolutely STUNNING!!! The grounds were emaculate! It’s considered one of Europe’s FINEST! I loved every window, every view, every flower and shrub! GORGEOUS!!!

The Moher Cliffs were incredible!!!! The day I was there it was a bit hazy, but can you see their magnificence??? You MUST SEE these if you ever get a chance to visit! They are one of the TOP tourist destinations in Ireland. They stretch for 9 miles and rise anywhere from 400-700 feet out of the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the highlights traveling through Ireland, was that I got to actually go in to the home of a family there. They had the most beautiful display of all kinds of fancy treats and eats along with tea. The home owner Paddy, then entertained us with all kinds of Irish family stories and history. It was a delight to say the least!!!! The picture of the gate above was from his driveway looking out in to the country!

Blarney Castle was another amazing stop! It was built nearly 600 years ago and has been a WORLD LANDMARK and one of Ireland’s greatest treasures indeed!

Traveling through the streets of Ireland was so fun! I LOVED the color everywhere! I remember being here on these streets and wishing I could spend days there taking pictures! And then there was always a way for me to find the SWEET SHOP!!!!

This picture of the Irish red-headed musician was my favorite picture from all my trip! He was so intense playing his violin on the street! I LOVED that he had red hair and freckles….. just how you would think of a cute little Irish boy! There were musicians all over the streets in Dublin! The riverfront of the Liffey River was beautiful!

There was so much more that I experienced traveling through Ireland. This is just some of the highlights! It was truly a BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! Check out MY HAIR in the picture above! LOL! It’s SO LONG! But a perfect shot of the white streak I grew up with! I hope to go back to Ireland someday and take my husband. It felt so much quieter than a lot of European countries do, except of course Dublin! This last picture here was taken on the streets of Dublin in a blur….. on purpose. I always wanted to blow it up and hang somewhere in my home.

Wishing you all an awesome weekend! I’ll be with with my family making memories!!!! Make the MOST of EACH DAY friends!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “Traveling Through Ireland

  1. Lovely, lovely photographs, Shauna! TY for sharing them with us. 🙂

    It was fun to see you as a brunette. When/how did you decide to go silver? Was it an arduous process growing it out?

  2. I feel like we took identical trips! My fave was Kinsale, too. I also stayed in Dromoland! I can’t wait to go back to Ireland . Nicest people ever!

  3. Love this post. Someday I would love to visit Ireland. Have you watched the Irish series Ballykissangel? It streams through Acorn. I think you would love the village setting. I think silver hair is your best look.

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