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Today I’m sharing MY VIEWS ON this CBD PRODUCT, Bluegrass Hemp Oil. I have had so many companies reach out to me to promote their CBD products. I haven’t really been eager to try, for reasons mostly due to lack of education. This can be controversial and which I’d rather stay away from. I actually reached out to my brother who is a doctor, to see how he felt about all of this. It’s definitely trending in our world, and has been for a while now. How do you feel about it?

It was important for me to do my research, and I did. It was important that I was educating my readers, as I wanted to educate myself. There are absolutely proven benefits from the use of CBD. Bluegrass Hemp Oil is changing the stigma! And isn’t that a wonderful thing? When I spoke to my brother, he said that of course it’s been proven in certain situations, that CBD can help certain people feel better. With the right CBD products there are so many benefits for those in need!

I looked into Bluegrass Hemp Oil and was intrigued by the brand because of this….

The founders of Bluegrass Hemp Oil have a son that was diagnosed with epilepsy. At age three he had his first seizure. Their son is the reason that Bluegrass Hemp Oil is around. They advocated for CBD products to increase the quality of their son’s life. If anyone would know the true benefits of this type of thing, it would be a parent that has watched their child suffer!

Their story is here

My views on this Hemp product are changing as I’m becoming more educated. Responsibility and consistency are key! I have loved using these two bath soaks…. RELIEF and RELAX, they have been heaven! The CBD extract paired with Epson salts and essential oils will make you feel better in no time. The RELIEF reduces inflammation (oh how I need this more and more) and the RELAX helps relieve physical and mental stress. They recommend using about 8 tablespoons. This is such a treat before bedtime!

As some of you know, my feet have titanium implants in them, because of worn out joints. I have chronic pain in them, but have just learned to live with it. The RELIEVING SALVE has really, really helped alleviate the pain. My husband has tennis elbow in both of his arms. He’s been using it as well, and 95% of his pain has subsided! This is a great product to start out with if you are new to the CBD world!

And then there’s the GENESIS BLEND OIL. This is used to boost the immune system, help with inflammation and pain, as well as help with anxiety. It’s used underneath your tongue. You leave it there for about 20-30 seconds before you swallow. The oil is a great one to bring along with you when you travel. It comes in a small 1oz. bottle. It has a really, really nice calming effect. It’s also good to know that it’s safe for pets!

All of their products contain less than .3% THC in accordance to the Federal Farm Bill of 2018. I really like that! Their product is known for their high CBD/low THC content.  

These products can be ordered online and they’ll ship nationwide! Here is the BATH SOAK RELIEF, and the BATH SOAK RELAX….. both HEAVENLY! LOVE THEM! The GENESIS BLEND is here.

I hope that my views on this CBD product have helped you understand the benefits of Bluegrass Hemp Oil. It came from a parent’s motivation to help their son. It has been interesting diving in to this topic and learning more about the positives instead of the negatives!

Shauna XO

16 thoughts on “My Views On This CBD Product

  1. Shauna,

    WOW!!! I couldn’t believe it when I read ur post. I’m really hoping it’s a good sign 🤞

    I’ve struggled with chronic depression & anxiety since my late teens. It runs on both sides of my family, but I wasn’t “officially diagnosed” until my early 30s. After a COMPLETE prophylactic hysterectomy in 2014 & the immediate onset of menopause that ensued, my “cocktail” of meds has pretty much stopped working, my depression has reached existential proportions, & my anxiety has worsened to the extent that—both physically & mentally—I am having an extremely difficult time functioning. In addition, I cannot do hormone therapy because I have inherited the blood disorder Factor V Leiden.

    After coming THIS CLOSE to giving up & resigning myself to having to endure a shitty quality of life from here on in, out of sheer desperation, I made an appointment with an APRN who is also a Certified Menopause Specialist. Along with lifestyle changes & other recommendations, she strongly advised me to try a well-regarded brand of CBD Oil carried by a local apothecary. TBH, I’m not much for “new age” remedies, but since the reality is that I have to do SOMETHING, after I did some extensive research, both on the apothecary & different brands of CBD Oil, yesterday I went in & bought a 1 oz bottle of 600mg CBD for $80. I took the recommended dosage as soon as I got home & another one this morning. And while I understand that it’s NOT GOING TO CURE ANYTHING, I AM hoping it helps alleviate my distress enough for me to regain a better quality of life.

    I’m sharing my “life story“ in case anyone in a similar situation has been helped by using CBD & wld b willing to provide any feedback, either on CBD Oil or anything else I might try.

    So, thanks in advance to anyone who reaches out. 💪

    1. Philanthi thank you for your very personal and heartfelt comment here! It sounds like you have been through more than your share! I’m just learning along with so many how CBD can help in SO MANY SITUATIONS where people have tried everything out there, and nothing has worked. It’s most definitely worth a try! I would love for you to let us all know if you get any relief! I’m going to put this on my Instagram stories to see if we can’t generate more talk and possible suggestions for you!!!!! Take care girl! XO

  2. Not only do I have fibromyalgia, but I have had chronic migraines since I was 15 and I am now 53, so I’ve lived with them for a very long time. I have also had some accidents in my life that involves being crushed to the ground by a horse, having the car I was a passenger in smashed into by a semi then pushed down a California highway about 50-60 yards leading to massive spinal, head, brain, and other injuries. When CBD oil started becoming more known and talked about I began educating myself on it as well. I now can’t imagine my life without it because I have greatly reduced pain, lower occurrences of fibro flares, and I sleep more deeply, longer, and restfully. I will definitely be looking at Bluegrass hemp oil due to your post and more importantly, their story about their why!

    1. I have osteoarthritis and I totally use the CBS roll on and the under the tongue. Not everyday, but if I am going to be more active, I might use nd or The other. The under the tongue is best at night. My doctor says if it works, great. I am glad to be a resident of Washington state.

      1. Kathleen…. so good to hear all of these positive stories of how CBD has helped someone improve the quality of their life! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! Take care!!!! XO

      2. Kathleen…. I noticed in your comment that you have Osteo arthritis would that be the same thing as osteoporosis I was just recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and they want to put me on all kinds of harsh injection wondered what your treatment plan is

        1. It is centered just in my knee. I have had a couple of injections and frankly the CBD cream/ roll on works just as well. Until Covid, I was doing water aerobics three times a week. I watch my diet. Now I am just bracing for a total knee replacement.

        2. Jana…. thank you so much for your input! It’s good to know that we can all learning from each other! XO

    2. Chelle WOW girl! You have been through a LOT! THANK YOU so much for sharing your experience with us! THIS is why I wanted to shed some light on this topic. There are so many misconceptions out there due to lack of education! So thanks for sharing the benefits of how it’s improved YOUR LIFE! Take care sweet friend! XO

  3. CBD is becoming more and more of an option for many different circumstances. It was suggest for my 85 year old father for generalized anxiety, Dr said it was a good place to start before prescribing yet more medication. Heck, it’s from a plant that been around for, I’m guessing thousands, if not millions of years?!? Our generation absolutely has reservations, look we all grew up in the 60s & 70s, we’ve seen a lot. So understandably so, we are leery. We have to adjust our thinking of the product. Yeah it’s hard.

    1. Cheryl, thank you for chiming in here. There are SO MANY BENEFITS for SO MANY PEOPLE here. Educating ourselves is key! It took me a couple of years to even agree to writing a blog like this, but am so glad I did. It not only helps those who are reading it, but HAS HELPED ME UNDERSTAND better too, the benefits of CBD! XO

  4. I too have just started researching CBD to see if I can get natural relief for my Psoriatic arthritis. I like being active but my flare ups cause pain and stiffness and it makes it hard to get good workouts. I’m thankful for your advice!

    1. Hi Kim…. you’re welcome. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. HOPEFULLY you can find some relief!!!!!! Prayers to you! XO

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