Have You Shopped World Market?

Friends, have you shopped WORLD MARKET? I hadn’t ever even heard of this place until I went to Bend, Oregon a couple of months ago to visit some family. My “bonus” daughter took me there and I fell in love with the whole vibe in an instant. In fact…. this dress or KAFTAN, came from there and can you believe it’s under $45???? WOW! I thought, “Even if it doesn’t look good, I can give it to someone else without breaking the bank!”

I hadn’t put the dress on until just the other day. I was really super worried that it wasn’t going to look good. But I LOVE it! Talk about cool and comfy for all kinds of summer weather…. it’s the perfect one to stay COOL! In fact, as we hiked up to this location to take a series of pictures, believe it or not, it was SO COOL and breezy! I LOVE it! Some lady however on my Instagram, in a comment said to me, “It looks old, sorry.” Oh well….. can’t please them all!!!!!

So….. if you’ve never worn a kaftan (is that what this is called?) you should try one. I always thought I wouldn’t like them, but I think I’ve now changed my mind! Just think….. ANYONE of ANY SIZE and body type can wear one!


I wanted to do some more searching for fun things at WORLD MARKET and link them here. They are known to carry all kinds of fun finds from all over the world and at great prices too. They say that it’s like a GLOBAL BAZAAR!!!!! There are over 250 stores nationwide….. do you have one where you live? There’s not one where I live so I’ll just have to do my shopping on-line! This is one of my favorites!


Have YOU SHOPPED World Market yet??? It’s now on my radar for fabulous finds, perfect gifts, and something a little different!

Shauna XO


10 thoughts on “Have You Shopped World Market?

  1. Love World Market. It’s like Pier 1 meets Dollar Store (not to say everything is a buck there, some things are quite pricey) there is something for everybody, from furniture to food to clothing, jewlery, toys! I never gave the clothing there a second look!!!As for the kaftan… I love it on you! I’m convinced that you can take an article of clothing from a convenience store and turn it into something I’d wear out on the town!!! You have imagination and awesome creativity!!!

    1. Cheryl yes! It is like Pier 1 in a way! I love that store too! For sure a great place to shop for ALL KINDS OF THINGS! I wish they had one here where I live! Take care and THANK YOU ALWAYS! XO

  2. Kaftan are as timeless as white button-downs! And… there’s a World Market just down the highway from Mom 😉 I love that place and have bought mirrors, shelving, napkins, kitchenware, pillows rugs and outdoor furnishings. Probably more…

    1. Ahhhhh….. that store DOES LOOK LIKE YOU! I’ll need to make sure and go next time I’m there!!!!!! XOXO

  3. Love World Market, you never know what you’ll find but you know it will be unique! And you are right, the vibe is so fun! If you weren’t happy when you walked in you would be when you walked out. Love the caftan on you…if that looks old well then no one should fear old age!

    1. Hi Michelle…. yes all such unique things there, and MOST DEFINITELY a HAPPY PLACE! Hope your week is wonderful sweet friend! XO

  4. I have been shopping at World Market since the mid 60’s. It use to be called Cost Plus. As a child I bought butterfly wings (and still have them) and tiny ceramic animals. In the 70’s, in my 20’s I mostly bought Christmas ornaments and still have all of them – definitely most of my favorites come from World Market. Recently I bought candles, soap, food, wine, fur throws, and more Christmas ornaments. Check out their jewelry – I bought a wood panda bear necklace back in the 70’s and still have it. It’s beautiful. I have never bought their clothing but why not!

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