Adventure Is Calling Friends

ADVENTURE IS CALLING friends…. and I’m ready for anything! Even if it is just a movie upstairs with my hubs! We’ve been spending a lot of time up there together with popcorn and everything! By the way…. he makes THE BEST caramel corn on the planet!

But back to this look from CHICOS! Isn’t it adorable? This camo skort is made of a super lightweight, four-way-stretch Neema fabric (Polyester and spandex). Talk about comfy….. wow it’s SO COMFY! It has built-in shorts with side pockets and a single back pocket! The tee and sneakers make this look super casual, which would be my preferred way to wear it!

I loved pairing the camo green with the bright blue accessories. I’ve just tied the scarf around my wrist and added the fun bracelet and chandelier earrings that are accented in blue yarn! They are SO CUTE! The hat of course is a SUMMER STAPLE, and then these leopard sneakers, I have worn them to death this whole summer!

I think that most of us would think that the skirt could only be worn casually. It does have a laidback vibe for sure, and will always look that way, but you CAN make it a bit dressier as I’ve shown you below! And it sure would look cute on your next round of golf!


It is SO HARD to find cute golfing outfits. This collared shirt is perfect with the skort and more than appropriate for the fanciest golf resorts! It’s very functional out on the course with pockets to carry your golf balls and tees!


This top is so chic and would be the absolute perfect one to dress this skort up! Add some fabulous black sandals and jewelry and suddenly the skort looks much different!

What kind of adventure is calling friends? Hope that you’re weekend is all that you need right now…. stay safe!

Shauna XO

5 thoughts on “Adventure Is Calling Friends

  1. You look amazing in absolutely EVERYTHING! Any color-any style-any season! Just am waiting for the potato sack so you can prove my point even further!! 🥰

    1. Christie….. that’s really nice of you, but I think it’s more that I know what works on me! There are SO MANY THINGS that don’t look good on me. I’m just really aware of what works on my body type, so I think it “seems like” ANYTHING looks good on me. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH for being SO KIND! You take care girl! XOXO

    1. Thank you Nancy! I thought the blue was fun and different! Sorry I missed your linkup party!!!! XO

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