About This Sweet White Top

About this sweet white top! I wasn’t going to write a blog about this, but there have been so many asking about where I got it, how to get it, and how else they can style it! It has been such a favorite of mine since I got it! I wore it first right here in NYC. It’s so feminine and looks so cute with jeans! Sadly this one isn’t available anymore!

Well guess what??? I FOUND AN ALMOST IDENTICAL ONE for you! It may even be a bit cuter, if you can believe that! It’s right here! I’ve been looking for one similar since this one sold out! So I couldn’t believe it when I FINALLY found this! It can be worn exactly the same way, but you know me……. I wanted to give you some other options as well!


Pair this top with an adorable midi skirt, it’s a navy background and perfect for summer! The yellow slides bring out the yellow in the skirt. This is a super fun way to wear this great top!

My favorite way to style this top is with JEANS! Wear white jeans like I am above, colored jeans, high-waisted, boyfriends… literally any style! And what about THESE JEANS….. in my shopping cart. Darling!

Worn with these would be really cute as well. These pants are so slimming and have an easy pull-on style, as well as a tummy flattening technology that really works! I have them in my closet! IF you could go on a tropical vacay…. this would be a great outfit to pack!

About this sweet white top…….. it has been one in my closet that hasn’t been forgotten! I have worn it everywhere and have loved it every time! I wouldn’t let it slip by you! I think you’ll find that you feel the same way as I do!

Shauna XO

Here are some more options for WHITE TOPS!

5 thoughts on “About This Sweet White Top

    1. Darla isn’t it the cutest! I swear I could wear it every week with something new! LOVE IT! Take care sweet friend! XO

  1. Love the top! and I can see why you would want to wear it everyday, it looks fabulous on you. But I REALLY do love a great fitting pair of white jeans. I think there is a pair for every body-type and size….it definitely takes a “hunt” to find them.

    1. Cheryl my favorite right now are these CHICOS pair! Fitted but not skin tight and great fabric! XO

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