#WomenSupportingWomen Is The Best

#WomenSupportingWomen is THE BEST thing about being an influencer at midlife. When I started my journey here as a blogger and an influencer, I had no idea of what kind of support I would feel here. Do you remember me saying that if I could get 100 followers that would be amazing? And then when I hit 1000 followers….. it was SERIOUSLY amazing! And now approaching 100k! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

The support I feel from fellow bloggers and women across this globe, is truly remarkable! Over the passed few days there has been a BW PHOTO CHALLENGE which I was tagged in and asked to participate. This I believe, is to just spread the word about other influencers and getting their names out there.

This was my photo. It was from several years ago… in fact I think this was taken maybe just six months or so after I started CHIC OVER 50. My hair was bleached white and a bit longer. This was taken by ME in my photography studio that was all white. I added in the butterflies digitally just for this particular post…. with the butterflies signifying OTHER WOMEN.

A year of so ago I came across a young women in the airport who had approached me. We got talking and ended up sitting next to each other on the plane. She put things in to perspective for me, with the thought of MY RESPONSIBILITY NOW TO WOMEN. She explained I have a platform and need to use it to spread good things…. things that will empower women! I guess I never really took it to that level. From that point on, I started thinking about my content in a more thoughtful way.

#WomenSupportingWomen is a BEAUTIFUL THING! As we go along our own personal journeys, it’s so nice to know that there are all kinds of other women out there, who are going through the same kind of “stuff”. Hearing how they are coping and dealing and learning from their “stuff” is extremely helpful! I’m so grateful to EVERYONE who has been there for me, as I’ve gone through my own “stuff”. Sometimes it was only YOU, that got me through another day!

My NECKLACE is from here and is SO COOL! It was a gift to me from Veronica…. the owner. ANOTHER WOMAN supporting women!

Shauna XO

THIS was my first post after switching to WordPress. The year 2016!

5 thoughts on “#WomenSupportingWomen Is The Best

  1. So glad I came across you years ago, Shauna…you are a role model to all of us. I’m a fashionista as well, and am 58 (not sure how that happened so fast?) but you give me the “umpf” to keep fashion sense fresh, fun and youthful. So many of my GFs have fallen into frump with clothing, hair and weight. Sad. I’m on your team!! Thank you!! 🥰

    1. Hey Cindy….. SO GLAD TO HEAR THIS! I think it just gets comfortable for women and takes too much thought (they think) to sort of keep up with the times. I just happen to think FASHION IS SO FUN and can change your mood in an instant! I’m HAPPY THAT YOU THINK SO TOO GIRL! XO

    1. Cheryl…. THANKS GIRL! YOU have to be one of my biggest supporters! LOVE YOU! XO

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