Tis The Season for Maxi Dresses

Ladies…. tis the season for MAXI DRESSES! This one here is one from years ago. I remember the day I wore it in Paris when I spent the day at Versailles. It felt so appropriate for such a BEAUTIFUL place! This will be a dress that I’ll hang on to forever! It has the prettiest beadwork across the bodice. The fabric is lightweight and flowy! But why is the maxi so special?

I don’t know that there’s any other dress that is more feminine, or makes you feel more girly than does the maxi! I haven’t worn a lot of them for a while. I used to wear them quite a bit, but just haven’t really found a lot that I love. But tis the season that you’ll see them more and more. It’s the perfect dress to bring out right now. Maxis are also super easy to layer up.

Another thing about the maxi….. if it’s sleeveless style, do you feel like layering a tee underneath looks good? I didn’t used to like this, but I don’t mind it now. The one I have on in the top picture is a solid black very fitted, and so works nicely underneath with NO bulk. In the second picture I wore something very similar. THIS ONE has a fantastic fit and priced right!

The maxi will always be IN I believe. They come in all styles and feels! There are the “moo-moo” type, the sundress type, the bohemian type, the kaftan type, the very dressy type, the cover-up type, the denim type, and the T-shirt type. So there’s one for ANYONE that wants to wear one. And spring is the time to break them out. Layer them up with a heavy sweater, or a beautiful bomber jacket. This has been one of my favorite looks for years, and is still going strong!


Truly….. tis the season FOR MAXI DRESSES! They will make you feel dressed up and oh so girly and you’ll still be comfortable. They are also a great dress to hide all of our flaws….. maybe leftover from winter!



Shauna XO

Wearing another MAXI in Paris right here.

Wearing this same MAXI here!

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    1. Yes Lisa….. they actually do me too. That’s when I first remember the maxi dress! I think my mama made me my very first one. ENJOY THEM! And…. HAPPY SPRING! XOXOXOxo

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