A Maxi, Moto, and Motorcycle Boots!

Good morning friends and happy Sunday! Today I shopped my closet for my Sunday dress…..some things from waaaaaaay back. Everything here from head to toe, has been in my closet for such a long time. I’ve talked and talked about this, how you should absolutely make sure (at least for the most part) that what you are buying is going to work like that. Being able to shop your closet and know how to bring something up to date is so important!!! The jacket I’ve had for about 6 years, the maxi dress for about 2 years, the CHANEL motorcycle boots for at least 12-15 years, and the hat for maybe 5 years. I didn’t really feel like anything here though, was out-of-style. I just styled it a bit different than what I have in the past. I loved the glamorous dress with the rugged boots. And then the soft motto jacket was just right over the top. It didn’t overwhelm the feeling of the dress, with it’s close fitting style. You know I love maxi dresses….I don’t think there’s anything that feels more romantic!

These CHANEL boots have been so fun to have! I’ve worn them EVERYWHERE! They’ve traveled to Paris, London, New York, Finland, and Copenhagen. They are built like a bullet, and still look like new! I love wearing them with leggings, boyfriend jeans, and like here with a pretty maxi dress!

You can shop it all right here!!! My lipstick color is called La Fascinante!



My maxi worn here in Versailles, France. It’s was so Parisian!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “A Maxi, Moto, and Motorcycle Boots!

  1. It’s always smart to buy quality goods when you can. You’ll never be disappointed when you buy the best that you can afford . Those boots look like “a bullet”. Tough, Edgy, Rock & Roll, Confidant.

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to know just what to INVEST in, but I really believe if you LOVE it, and it’s a known brand to you and you love the brand, then your INVESTMENT will always work for you!!!!! Thank you for your comment! XO

  2. Shauna,
    I think this is my favorite outfit so far… ?
    I’ve always been told .. Don’t wear a maxi your too short! So I just admire them on everyone else from afar … such a fun outfit.
    Sort of …Flirty meets Fonzy with a little urban Stevie…

    1. Hi Tammy…..you should wear a maxi if YOU want to!!!!!!!!! “Rules” are meant to be broken!!! XO

  3. Hi Shauna, I just went to my closet and made this outfit! I have a peach and teal peasant dress with a short teal suede jacket……and since it is winter here…I added a faux fur collar, also and inspiration from you. My brown tough girl boots will complete the look.

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