This Unisuit From Cabana Life

This UNISUIT from Cabana Life really hit a cord with many of you a few weeks ago when I posted it on Instagram for my birthday. But there’s a reason why……it’s super flattering, it covers more than the usual, it’s super sexy (if you like that), and it’s comfy because you’re all tucked in!

You can SHOP Cabana Life fashion right HERE!

My sunglasses here are from Alice and Olivia. They are from a couple of years ago, but here are some similar. You can shop all of their styles here!

I wore it here in this post……talking about all my swimsuit fears. But I have to say that out of ALL my swimsuits, I probably feel the most comfortable in this one. You’ve heard me talking a LOT about versatility when it comes to clothing, and ESPECIALLY when it comes to travel. THIS suit is one that works so many ways while you’re traveling. I wanted to show you…….


I love the skirt here, probably for most out of your price range. But it’s still fun to dream, right??? I love it because the skirt itself is VERY VERSATILE. But with the suit underneath, it looks like an edgy bodysuit and can be taken right from the pool to a nice restaurant! CUTE and CLASSY as EVER!


THIS style is my kind of style when going from the beach to a fun lunch location! I LOVE these jean shorts, a bit longer and the light denim is perfect for spring and summer. The hat is FABULOUS and would look so cute with another bright colored outfit… RED! Slip in to these sneakers for that casual vibe and comfort! It’a a really FUN look!


I would not only wear this through the airport on a travel day, but I would also wear it around town running my errands! Talk about comfy! YES absolutely! These jogger pants are ADORABLE! I’ve tried them on and the fit is really cute! This denim jacket just might be my next investment! The cut is so different and unique with the big buttons. And this brand is MY FAVORITE when it comes to denim!

So now you have a few ideas of how you can wear this UNISUIT from Cabana Life MORE than just a swimsuit! Versatility in clothing and travel is way more than a SMART IDEA friends!

Wishing you all a HAPPY WEEK! I get to go somewhere special on Friday! And it may have to do with my new BOYFRIEND! 🙂

Shauna XO

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