My Swimsuit Fears!

This suit is from Limericki, one of my FAVORITE brands for swimwear. It can be found here and here.

THESE NEXT TWO SUITS and the SWIM PANTS are from BEACHCANDY and can be found here and here and the pants here. Just a note: Any order you place with BEACHCANDY, use the code ChicOver50 for 10% off of your purchase!

And I won’t forget to add this one in to my mix. THIS was so much fun with so much coverage! Wear this just normally with a skirt or pants over the top.

Ok ladies….you ALL feel the same way as me, I just know it! This blog is all about MY SWIMSUIT FEARS! While I was over in Hawaii, I was with some of my family. One in particular, a beautiful and perfect and must say a gorgeous girl who is 33 years old. It was driven home to me, while I was out with her, how WE ALL HAVE SWIMSUIT FEARS!

We were out together several times enjoying Hawaii as well as taking pictures. We would pack up our BEACH FASHION in a bag, along with camera and props, and out we’d go! So….I thought she would feel confident as ever in her beautiful swimsuits. It was ME that should have felt nervous….and I did, but why HER??? She was PERFECT in my eyes!

It was driven home to me how much we as women FEAR showing our bodies. And I’m not one to want to flaunt my body around BELIEVE ME! Going in to this trip I knew I had to do a bunch of collaborations with different swimsuit companies. I was very nervous, but the job needed to be done, so I made it happen.

Last fall I posted a picture of me in a swimsuit and it got a lot of buzz. Mainly, I believe because of my age and my boldness AND at the time I had PINK hair! I think this struck a cord with women, TO BE CONFIDENT and BOLD and to NOT BE AFRAID of WHO YOU ARE! I’ve become even MORE AWARE that CONFIDENCE is attractive! WE ARE SO HARD ON OURSELVES!

So….not that I’m going to be in my swimsuit all the time, I’m not, I actually don’t LOVE them, BUT…..when I do wear one, I’m going to try and do so with more confidence. I still have a lot of pics to post from Hawaii, and so there will be more swimsuit shots coming. There are ways to wear them in a classy way….yes I’ve been told that over and over since posting all these suits. Find YOUR WAY and ROCK IT WITH CONFIDENCE. Throw away your swimsuit fears!!!

This suit is from TARGET and can be found here! And what an outstanding price point too!

I’m linking here some more ways to COVER UP and still look cute! I find ways all the time, and will be needing them, as I have some more WATER VACATIONS coming up this summer!

Have an AWESOME week friends!!!

Shauna XO

5 thoughts on “My Swimsuit Fears!

  1. Hi Shauna, let me tell I would not have any swimsuit fears if I had a figure like yours! You look absolutely amazing and your body is tight, taut and terrific! The swimsuit styles are brilliant and, as always, you’re an inspiration! Happy holidays xx

    1. Hi Sharon, well I’m strategically posed here in these shots….believe me. I have lots of issues as do most of us! But thank you! Let’s all be MORE CONFIDENT!!!! Happy week! XO

  2. Preach sister!!!! Funny how that uncertainty stems from how we look to other women ?. A few years back I said to myself “life is too short…screw it, I’m here to enjoy what ever life has left for me.” AND then it occurred to me that the places I enjoyed the most, the lake, ocean, anywhere near water was giving me “bathing suit” anxiety. No one looks at us as closely as we look at ourselves! So hard on ourselves, so silly! Since letting that go. And seeing no one was actually judging me anyway, heck, no one was even looking at me (hahah who on earth did I think I was), I only wished I had my epiphany sooner !!! ? Don’t wait a second longer! Get out there is just be you. Your OK! It REALLY doesn’t matter what you look like on a suit. I don’t know about you but I never found myself judging other women in suits….so why would you think others were doing it. ??‍♀️Phew! There I’m done!✔️ I’m exhausted! I need a cup of tea!

    1. Cheryl….this is AWESOME! I think MOST women deal with this on SOME LEVEL, but hopefully we are ALL GETTING BETTER and MORE CONFIDENT!!!!! XOXOXOX

  3. Woo, Shauna. So fancy and charming! The swimsuit designs are great and fit you very well. We also have a start-up swimsuit brand and hope if we have a chance for a collab.

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