These Leopard Silky Pants

Ladies, I am in LOVE with these leopard silky pants! They have been so much fun! I’ve been traveling a lot recently and these have definitely been my GO-TO pants for that! They are like pajamas and so comfy! AND….THEY ARE ON SALE! I promise you’ll love them!!!!!

If you travel, and I would think a lot of you out there are making plans for your summer vacations, then these are a NECESSITY! REALLY!!! They don’t weigh more than a feather, they are versatile, can be worn dressy or in a casual way, and can be used over a swimsuit as a coverup! They truly are THAT VERSATILE!!!!! Can you tell I’m IN LOVE?!!

This type of a pant is very easy to change up in to a lot of different looks. A lot of women ask me how to dress things in their closets up or down and more casual, and so I wanted to give you some of my ideas. You’ll see that these pants are a MUST HAVE for spring and summer!


I think this is my favorite way to wear these leopard silky pants….totally my laidback but sassy style! And this tee is SO CUTE FOR MOTHER’S DAY! The neck (or hair) scarf brings in a little pop of color that’s so springlike and girly! The sneakers are ones you’ll be able to wear all the way through the warm months….they simply go with everything! Add some fun jewelry and a cute hat and you’re ready for a fun weekend!


These leopard silky pants can look so elegant with the right pieces. This is my choice for dressing them up! This black blouse is so chic. This could be in your closet FOREVER, most definitely! And really take a look at these cool sunnies! I swear they are as good as the high-end designer brands. I LOVE them!

So I hope that this has given you a couple of ideas on how to style these leopard silky pants. Have fun with them…..cause they will have fun with YOU!

Shauna XO