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Have you ever tried ACUPUNCTURE? Well, East West Health has just recently introduced me to this therapy. I was really interested in trying it because way back when I was studying massage therapy, I had to write a paper on acupressure. After that appointment for about five days after, the ENERGY I had was unstoppable! Wo!!!! I seriously was like an energizer bunny!!!!! It was AWESOME!

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I’ve had three acupuncture treatments at East West Health. My therapist was focusing on my feet and back. I have titanium implants in the joints of both big toes. I’ve had them for about ten years now, due to bad joints. I have chronic pain there, but it hasn’t ever stopped me from ANYTHING…..even high heels! And my lower back is sketchy as well. I’ve lost a couple of discs and my vertebra have naturally fused together. I have to just be a bit careful with my activity. It will flare up at times, but again, I don’t let that chronic pain stop me either. So these were the reasons for where my therapist decided best to focus on.

The first two treatments at East West Health, I couldn’t tell 100% that there was much difference. They may have felt a bit better the next day, but after that, not so much. But the other day I had my third treatment. Again, she focused on the same areas along with a very bad headache. I left feeling much the same. But…..then the next day when I woke up, it was a much different story! I was again, SO FULL OF ENERGY! I got up after about seven hours of sleep, worked out like a mad woman, went and played a FIERCE competitive tennis match (WON 6-0, 6-1), and continued to feel so completely focused!

It dawned on me after my tennis match, that possibly the focus and energy I was feeling just maybe could have been from my acupuncture treatment! I called East West Health and asked about this? Cambria explained to me that these treatments are built on MOMENTUM, and everyone responds differently to them. Some it may take several sessions, and others see a difference in just one. And she said that absolutely the energy I was feeling was most definitely due to my acupuncture!

Here is more information on just what ACUPUNCTURE really is. I thought I liked acupressure better, but now I’m really thinking acupuncture might be where I need to be the day before my tennis matches!!!!!!

Some of these testimonials are really interesting to read. I am probably the biggest skeptic out there. It takes a lot for me to really believe in something. I like the idea of a holistic approach to my health, but it was always one that I would probably have gone to last. I really am rethinking that whole mindset now!!!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “My Time At East West Health

  1. Shauna, I SWEAR by acupuncture!! I started going years ago after I contracted Lyme disease, and it totally helped with my mental and physical recovery. It always restores me and gives me a sense of peace and stillness, and energized me. I’m going tomorrow for my weekly! So glad you love it, too!

    1. Cindy so glad to hear this. So, you go weekly? I only had three treatments, and really felt so much ENERGY after! Good for you girl! XO

    2. Thank you for continuing to inspire us all. Everyone is fighting a a battle as they walked her journey through this life. If you remember that as individuals have been for more apt to reach out and help someone even if it’s a stranger smile a gesture something to make that person know that they’re not walking alone we never are walking alone cuz God of course is on one side of us and if we as neighbors and friends take the time to share some compassion there’s an anything we can’t do as friends neighbors and the nation.

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