My CHICOS Fashion Picks

I have had the greatest pleasure of working with CHICOS for a couple of years now. They have been THE BEST company to work for….bar none! You can visit them here. Today I wanted to share with you all MY CHICOS FASHION PICKS! I’ve said over and over, that CHICOS quality and construction is superb! There’s nothing like it that I’ve found anywhere! No kidding!

This look I have on here is SO DANG CUTE! This was over in Hawaii right on Waikiki Beach. The jeans are so cute with the fun lace-up detail! They fit me like a glove, and the lighter wash denim is perfect for the warmer months! They will look so cute with flats or sneakers, and always with wedges like I have on here.

The top is made from THE SOFTEST FABRIC EVER! I had this on and someone just happened to touch my arm, and said, “Oh my that is so SOFT! I need that shirt!!” It really is so comfortable. The lighthouse print is adorable I think….that’s what first caught my eye! I’ve tied it up in a knot, I think my favorite way to wear a button-down style shirt! This top would be darling with these wide-leg pants for summer!

I wanted to share with you my four TOP CHICOS FASHION PICKS for you to shop! Now is the time to start thinking about your spring and summer wardrobe. Remember when shopping to make sure you can wear your things AT LEAST THREE WAYS!!!!!

BLACK and WHITE with a POP of PINK~




So….there you have my FOUR TOP CHICOS FASHION PICKS! Shop away friends……….I promise you won’t be disappointed! And YOU CAN SAVE 40% off of your purchase!!! Have an awesome week!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “My CHICOS Fashion Picks

  1. Just ordered those adorable lace-up jeans and fun bright pink earrings! Can’t wait to wear them. Thanks for all of the fashion inspiration! You’re helpin this old gal look smokin hot at 61 😀

    1. SMOKIN HOT Karen…….YOU GO GIRL!!! So HAPPY I could help, but I’m sure YOU GOT THIS! XOXO

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