Florals And Graphic Tees

Good morning friends! If you know me at all, you know I’ve been a fan of FLORALS and GRAPHIC TEES forever! The two go together just like…..ice cream and hot fudge! I don’t think there’s anything cuter than this combination! I’ve always loved florals when it comes to tops, skirts, pants, scarves, or even shoes! They are so feminine and always bring lots of color to my style. And the graphic tee, I swear I wear them multiple times a week! I wear them dressed up as well as dressed down.

This skirt is so flattering! I’m excited to have it be part of my spring wardrobe. It will be so fun taking it in to the hot summer months. I love the idea of wearing it with leopard sneakers…you know those ones I’ve posted several times? Or wear it with flip-flops! It’s the perfect most comfortable length too! To dress it up I would wear a pretty silky type top and a higher pair of heels. THIS top is so adorable with it, but I would make sure to wear heels! I wear a nude tee underneath with tops like this. You could wear it with a very fitted and tailored blazer to make it look more office worthy.

If you go back through my posts from the beginning of my blog, you’ll see that I wear the graphic tee shirt over and over and over. I LOVE them! They honestly can be worn in so many ways. Wear them with your favorite pair of shorts, over a swimsuit, or with the dressiest pair of trousers you have, or even a LADY BOSS SUIT! They are fun and functional and most are very budget friendly!

So if you want to add some FUN to your spring wardrobe, you should try FLORALS and GRAPHIC TEES! Each can be broken down in to so many different looks. You’ll see this skirt quite a bit I have a feeling! Below are some of my favorites!




Shauna XO

P.S. I’m sure I’m going to get asked about my pink pixie. I went pink just temporarily for a job I did in LA last week. It was a blast and I can’t wait to tell you about it in July! But this company that I did the job for, requested that I come with my PINK hair! So…..PINK it was! It will completely wash out in a few days! Really got me thinking again though….PINK hair for summer?

5 thoughts on “Florals And Graphic Tees

    1. Hi Cheryl…..I had a big job in LA last week that I had the privilege of doing. THEY (I’ll announce it in July) requested that I PLEASE BRING MY PINK HAIR! So……I did. It is however VERY temporary and will wash out in a few days! It’s very tempting though! XOXO

  1. Just so proud of you. Can’t wait to see what job had you sporting your pink pixie. I know you rocked it whatever it is.

    Love this look and was going to ask how you fastened that tee for such a cute, cropped fit. Thanks for the pic. I wore a graphic tee and tulle combo to church and my PC made a face. I think God probably loved it, though.

    1. Hi Leslie, First I’m SURE THAT GOD LOVED IT!!!!! 🙂 I just took my tee and pulled it in and tied it up in a knot. I wear my tees/tops like this a lot because it gives me some shape that way! Otherwise they tend to swallow me up! And yes, I will let you know in July what I was up to with my PINK PIXIE! Thanks love! XOXO

  2. Hi Shauna,

    I love your posts and your style. You are beautiful; inside & out.

    God bless,

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