Ready To Ride Electric…The BLIX Way?

Have you ever ridden on an electric bike? My BLIX Bike has seriously made me feel like a kid again! I had only heard of electric bikes before I got my BLIX. They sounded like fun I guess…but for me it seemed like if I got on a bike, I would have wanted it to be more of a workout, than just a leisurely ride. But my thinking totally shifted, when I sat on my BLIX for the first time, and had the ride of my life!

I felt like a little girl again on my bike! The feeling of riding through the streets again, and with the wind in my face was nothing short of exhilarating! I LOVED every single second! But the cool thing was how you just pushed a button and the bike took off on its own! I liked pedaling the whole time, but practically without any effort!

As we get older it is SO EASY to get sedentary! Not feeling like moving or getting out, is all too common! And being out and about is SO IMPORTANT to our overall health!!!!! For me, I spend so many hours behind the computer working! I try to get up every 30 minutes or so to do something other than computer work, but sometimes it can be an hour before I get up! This is horrible for your health!

My BLIX bike has given me an excuse to GET OUT AND ABOUT! I’ve had it with me down in Southern Utah right in the middle of such gorgeous country! The red rocks are stunning and the scenery everywhere is simply beautiful! It has been a BLAST riding along all the trails in the clean air and all with very little effort! I can if I want, pedal to my hearts desire…..OR not! The choice is mine! What a great activity this has been for me!

If you’re someone who wants to get out, but maybe isn’t in the best condition, an ELECTRIC BIKE is definitely for you! It will give you a way to be out in the fresh air enjoying your surroundings, but with the option of how hard you want to work!!!

For more information you can visit their website right here. I am IN LOVE WITH BLIX!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “Ready To Ride Electric…The BLIX Way?

  1. Question: could you pedal while the bike is in electric mode, in order to get a small workout? Or is it one or the other?

    1. The electric bike I have requires some pedaling in order to go forward. It has different settings so you can pedal as softly or as hard as you want. The battery is, of course, rechargeable, and will last commensurate with the amount of pedaling you do. The more you work yourself, the longer the battery will last. It took a little getting used to, but I LOVE IT! Last summer I did 2 different 50 mile rides.

      1. Debbie, I’m SO EXCITED to have mine…..maybe we could go on a bike ride together??? Wouldn’t that be FUN??? Maybe get the guys involved, that is IF a MOTORCYCLE could be a part? Hmmmmm, maybe not! 🙂

    2. YES Cheryl, you CAN pedal while in ELECTRIC!!!! It really is SO MUCH FUN! If you get a chance to test one out… for it!!!! XO

  2. Oh, yay…I’m so happy to see this, Shauna! I remember leaving a comment about my enthusiasm for e-bikes on one of your fitness posts. We’re in Florida now and have remarked that e-bikes probably wouldn’t be as useful here as in the mountain state where we live. Cheryl, you choose how much you want to work. Our bikes have the option of full assist (no pedaling, 20 mph) but we don’t use it. The beauty of e-bikes is the ability to cover more area than you would on a regular bike. We love ours!!

    1. Hi Dawn, so happy to hear you are IN LOVE as I am. I’ve only had mine for a couple of months, but it is so EXHILARATING!!!!! XO

  3. I was not originally thrilled when my husband wanted us to entertain this purchase but after going to an expo and trying first hand the various brands – I was sold on this exact bike and model. It’s so true — you can make this as challenging as you want effortlessly!! Bonus for me is I have a small soft sided dog carrier that fits in the attached bike basket. My 10 lb Shih Tzu is comfortable, safe and enjoys her bike ride as much as I do. Best purchase I’ve made for myself in forever!!!

    1. Hi Petra, can I ask where you got your dog carrier? My Blix bike just arrived a few weeks ago and I’m looking forward to riding here in MN and would love to bring my Yorkie with me!

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