The Chicos Rain Coat Another Way

Have you ever thought of the CHICOS RAIN COAT another way, like I mean, to wear it outside of being just a rain coat??? Well, on my vacation to Hawaii, this adorable jacket went along with me. Talk about a versatile jacket…..this WAS! I wore it through the airport, on a couple of chilly evenings, and as a swimsuit coverup!

There is nothing more tacky to me, than to see women walking through hotels in their swimsuits and NO COVERUP! Even with the perfect body, to me it’s just a bit much! On one of the days that I was out and about looking through this gorgeous hotel, the ROYAL HAWAIIAN, this jacket came in handy for sure. I had on a navy swimsuit underneath, and this darling little navy and hot pink hooded AND pleated jacket was perfect! And the HAT was the only hat I took to Hawaii. Both from CHICOS! The hat was very packable and didn’t seem to lose it’s shape if it got a bit smashed!!! Always good to think about when taking a hat!

I LOVE to think outside of the box! And this Chicos rain coat is unique and different and so much fun. And being able to use the things you pack inside of your suitcase MULTIPLE ways is key to packing SMART! This jacket will be so cute going through the spring season in STYLE! Wear it with white jeans and a white tee, or maybe some pinstripe navy pants and crisp white button-down, OR even wear it with a monochromatic PINK outfit underneath. This top and these pants would be darling! And the pleats in the back are such fun!

Another great packing tip I TRY to use, is to choose a color palate to work within. I took a lot of navy, white, and red. I do confess that I did take too much, and I did have to pay EXTRA to get my 57 lb bag on the airplane, BUT, I did make sure that all of my things were able to be styled at least three ways!!!

Wishing you all a HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “The Chicos Rain Coat Another Way

  1. Not your “mothers” rain jacket for sure. I really love the colors… and it is the colors and fit, I believe, that gives the versatility to this garment.

  2. Hi! Love your outfit!!
    Weird question but what size did you get? I’m about to order this rain coat! Absolutely love it! Plus I have a navy bikini, as well!:)

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