It’s My Day At Landis!

It’s MY DAY at LANDIS SALON! It seems like forever since I’ve seen my friends there and specifically HARLEY my stylist! I’ve been gone for so long, and so perhaps that’s why……..and my hair sure does need some TLC right now. It’s been in the sun, then pink, and on the go for sure!

I LOVE my salon. I have talked about my hair so much, but I also get A LOT of questions about it! Many have asked about a styling video, and I’m so sorry it’s not out there yet. I promise FOR SURE, that it’s coming! Doing videos is so hard for me, but I know there is enough interest, and I need to get it done!

Someone commented the other day about how LITTLE I wash my hair. I’m going to talk to Harley today about this, but I believe that washing it less is more helpful. It’s less drying on your hair, so I’ve heard. My hair doesn’t get oily at all, and so thankfully I don’t have to worry about that. Also my hair seems to have MORE TEXTURE after day two and three. I wash it every three or four days. But as I said, I will get HER EXPERT opinion today and let you all know!

Landis Salon is absolutely IMPECCABLE! The service is TOPS, the ambiance is INVITING, and the product availability is a NECESSITY! I’ve been to other salons before through the years, and they NEVER seem to have what product I NEED! Landis is ALWAYS fully stocked with my stuff! My day at Landis is always a day of relaxation!

I’ve recently changed up my styling products. I’ve been using THIS whip for a couple of months now and love it. Why? Because it’s not sticky, adds volume and separation, and doesn’t feel like it builds up in my hair as fast as others do. I also use this one for SHINE and this HAIR SPRAY!

I’m wearing a cute headscarf here, which I often like to do. It just adds a bit of fun to my style! Just another way I use my scarfs. And did you know that barrettes and clips used in hair is quite the trend right now? I’ve linked some really cute hair accessories below!


I hope that you all have a PRODUCTIVE and SAFE and HAPPY week! Thank you always for being interested in what I have to say!

Shauna XO

16 thoughts on “It’s My Day At Landis!

      1. Thanks Shauna, I have thick hair as well. Would love to see a video of how you style., I try never looks like yours!


      2. Hi there! Your hair style is so prominent! exclusive to you, you stand out, and you radiate this energy of 50 and older looks so effortless, and it compliments every outfit you are wearing (I bought some hair dye (silver platinum) so I am following you and waiting on that video?

        1. Thank you so much Charmaine!!! That’s so sweet of you to say! Video is coming soon!!! XOXO

  1. You inspired me to cut my hair short and to start embracing my natural color. Question, I find I have to wash it more now since “bed head” seems more obvious. Do you deal with this and any suggestions?

    1. Denise….no I don’t deal with that. In fact my hair gets better on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day! But when it’s short, it takes less time to style and dry! XO

  2. I have short hair and only wash mine every 4 days also. If I get bed head I just use water and wet it .

  3. Hello Shauna, I was also inspired by you to cut my hair short. In one of your previous blogs you wrote that you mixed Aveda Control Paste and Light Elements to finish your hair. In this blog, it looks like you mention different products, but the links don’t work for me. Can you tell us what those products are? Thank you!!

  4. I luv your style! I much prefer short, messy hair for myself. Thank you for the product recommendations, always wanting to change it up each season and try something new.

  5. Hi! I recently “re” discovered dry shampoo. Do you use one, and if so, what brand??

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