How I Make An Omelette

Today I’m going to show you HOW I MAKE AN OMELETTE! I have always loved omelettes, but since being married and eating my hubs omelettes…. I LOVE eating them even MORE! He makes the best omelette I’ve EVER eaten…. and that says a lot, because I often order an omelette when I go out to eat, and even at night!

He has been teaching ME how to make them, and is determined he’s going to make a cook out of me! I have it all posted on my Instagram Stories today, and they will all be saved in the HIGHLIGHTS circle under COOKING….. just for future reference. There is definitely a technique in how to make the perfect fluffy and light omelette, and HE has the touch!


3 eggs ~ 3 T milk ~ cheddar cheese ~ onion ~ zucchini squash ~ yellow crookneck squash ~ peppers ~ jalapeño ~ avocado ~ Mansmith’s seasoning

Mansmith’s seasoning comes from Hollister California, which is very close to Carmel. My husband has been using it for years. They specialize in barbecue and have developed many of their own meat seasonings. They have great barbecue sauce as well. Use it here like I have, on meats, soups, pasta, and pretty much anything! We always split this between us, but it’s good enough to eat all by yourself!

First sauté the veggies in some heated olive oil. Then clean the pan really well with soap and water. Add 2T butter to the sauce pan and pour in the whisked eggs and milk. We use a small frying pan. Cover and let it simmer on LOW heat for about 5 minutes until the top looks almost set. If needed you can pull up the edges and let the liquid run underneath to cook faster. Add the Mansmith’s seasoning or whatever seasoning you prefer. Add the cheese and veggies and simmer again with the lid, just for a minute or so to let the cheese melt. Then slide the omelette on to a plate and flip one side over the other. That’s it!! The key I believe is to let it simmer on a very low heat WITH A LID!

I feel like an omelette is super healthy…. obviously it would be easy to make it unhealthy depending on what you choose to put in it. But this one is pretty healthy. You could always eliminate the butter, but he says that the butter is KEY in helping the omelette slip out of the pan without sticking! We eat ours with some avocado and fresh fruit! We like DRISCOLLS fruit the best! There’s something about their fruit that’s so yummy… all grown in the Watsonville California area. It’s the MOST DELICIOUS BREAKFAST…… OR MEAL EVER!

It’s been fun to learn how to cook with my husband! He loves to spend time with me in the kitchen, and I’m sure wishes I was in there more with him. Oftentimes, I’ll take my laptop in the kitchen, to be with him while he’s cooking FOR US! We are actually going to take a cooking class together here coming up really soon! He’s determined to help me gain the confidence I need to cook! Psssst….. I’ll NEVER LOVE it, not EVER!

So….. let me know how you like this recipe on HOW I MAKE AN OMELETTE!

Shauna XO

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4 thoughts on “How I Make An Omelette

  1. I agree with you on cooking—hate it! Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t cook. I can make a few items, and I like to bake. All fattening foods!

  2. I love to cook but cooking with my husband is even more fun. It feels good to be sharing time creating and then enjoying what we created together. Your omelette sounds amazing.
    XOXO 💋

  3. I’m Italian!! So if I don’t cook I don’t eat nor does he lol. Over the years my cooking was more comforting and over feeding everyone including the dogs had to be reinvented into healthier options. Knowing how to cook & be creative can be enlightening. My Mediterranean diet has begun to help my recently diagnosed health issue so I’m going to do my best. So get in that kitchen and rattle & roll those pots and pans😉

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