Talking About LOVE Today!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day…. I’m talking about LOVE today! There are so many different avenues to take this topic. Each one of us has had our own journey and own experiences with LOVE. How would YOU define LOVE?

One of the words I used to think of (and still do) when thinking of LOVE was COMMITMENT. I watched my parents through the years show commitment towards one another, even despite the difficulties that are part of life. Being committed to each other was what I saw and what I wanted.

I thought way back when I was nineteen years old and getting married, that commitment would be an absolute part of my marriage. It just was, and that’s how it would be…. like a HAPPILY EVER AFTER kind of thing. I was so naive. I learned little bits at a time that, throughout my marriage, that our two definitions of commitment were completely opposite.

I remember day after day, night after night, praying for a husband that would LOVE and SERVE God, that would RESPECT and HONOR marriage, that would be an EXAMPLE OF GOOD to his family, and one that I could totally TRUST!!! I knew it was a big ask, and sometimes I felt very selfish asking for it. But then I would hear that EVERYONE DESERVES that kind of LOVE, and that was enough for me to BELIEVE I COULD HAVE IT!

Fast forward through that, to THIS…… to where I am now. Married to a man that has all of the above attributes and MORE! I knew on our second date that HE WAS GOOD! I can’t even tell you in words….. how AWESOME that sounded. I kept thinking that this was too good to be true. Maybe I would wake up from a dream?

Now we have been married for just over five months. It seems crazy in a way because we are so comfortable with each other. The other day I was thinking…. “I have never laughed more in my life!” He is so much fun! He’s laidback, calm, and truly does take time to ENJOY LIFE! He is so good for me. I feel like we are the perfect balance for each other!


He had no idea I don’t think, what he was getting in to with me. The time it takes to run my blog is overwhelming. I am working so many hours on it, and I know that he would love to have those hours with me. Turning in to an Instagram Husband and photographer was not in his plan, but he has taken it on with such LOVE! He is the one that asks me, “Do we need to take any pictures today?”

I hear from so many of you, how to keep being hopeful about LOVE. I know I got very lucky. But I do know that I had been praying for many, many, many years for something different to happen in my marriage. Prayer is the one defining thing that got me through. And so that’s what I would tell anybody. PRAY! It works!! If you are sincere and you do your best every day, whatever your path is meant to be, WILL BE. There’s no doubt in my mind. YOU CAN BE HAPPY and YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!

That is my Valentines Day message to YOU! Talking about LOVE today and EVERY day……. is something not to just talk about, but to be PRO-ACTIVE about. We should celebrate LOVE EVERY day! Not just on Valentine’s Day, but literally EVERY DAY! Say it AND show it! It’s the best thing that YOU can do in your relationships with your LOVED ONES!


Shauna XO

10 thoughts on “Talking About LOVE Today!

    1. Hi Sharon…. thank you SO MUCH! The support from all you out there has been SUCH A HUGE PART of my success and happiness! THANK YOU! XOXO

  1. Hi Shauna, you posted something recently re supplements you take for “brain fog”. It might have been on Instagram but can you tell me what the product was that you used? Thank you!

  2. Thank you Shauna you really inspire me ! I was married for 32 years divorced in 200.Love my independence , Never thought I would consider marriage again ,you have awakened the thought of marriage for me .Love your message today !!!!Will turn 67 March 19th I believe in Prayers have had many fulfilled !! Thank you 😌

  3. What a beautiful post! I got super lucky with my second marriage and have found the most amazing, best man ever…for me! He is my perfect mate. And he also embraces his role as IG husband and we have so much fun with it. One of our favorite things to tell is each other is this: “There is no one in the world I would rather sit around and do nothing with than you.” And that is such a wonderful feeling. We all deserve that special person! You photos are amazing and I am loving your jumpsuit!


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