My Turquoise For Sale On SHOP CHIC!

Hi friends! I wanted to show you some more of MY TURQUOISE FOR SALE ON SHOP CHIC! I put some of these pieces on my site several months back, and have since updated it all. There are some of the same and some new pieces too. I’m really lucky to be able to offer it to you at HALF OF RETAIL!!

You can find it all right here on SHOP CHIC just here on my website.

My LOVE for turquoise started with my mama! I’ve told you all this before in one of my blogs. I will always love it because it holds memories of her as well as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! Bold and bright just how I like it!

I’m fortunate enough to have a connection here in Southern Utah to a guy who is letting me sale it for HALF OF RETAIL! He has access to many in the Native American community and their BEAUTIFUL work! One day I would like to visit their reservations and do a blog for you!

I hope you’ll take a look right here! It’s EXQUISITE! All of the rings can be sized for only $10. The necklace I’m wearing is actually two strands of turquoise, each sold separately. The charm is sold separately as well. They look so cool all put together in one!

My sunnies are on my site as well. They come in this pink/red combo along with black and white. They are super durable and make quite the statement without being too overwhelming! And what about THIS BELT…. so in LOVE with it!!!

I’ve also decided to do a test run of some of my clothing that I’m not using anymore. That will be priced very similar to a consignment shop. I’ve really tried hard since the new year, to thin out my closet. It’s very overwhelming as you can imagine! EEEEEK! I joke that I need a manager just for my clothes. I definitely have a GREAT job!!!!!

I just posted THIS CAMERA. It’s literally brand new! I bought it in Rome after losing ALL OF MY EQUIPMENT! I used it there on my Honeymoon and then a few times after I got home. It’s in EXCELLENT CONDITION and comes with the original box.

My turquoise for sale on Shop Chic is just the beginning! I’ll be posting pieces of clothing here and there, and if I’m successful in selling them, I’ll put more and more up. It’s all VERY GENTLY used. I won’t put anything up that’s in bad condition. That all goes to the Good Will!!!!!!

Anyway…… have a great rest of your week! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I can’t wait! I have an ADORABLE picture to share, along with a blog that is all about LOVE!!!!!!