Speaking Like A Lady Boss

Speaking like a LADY BOSS coming up the end of March. I wanted to share here on my blog, since I’m sure some don’t follow me on Instagram. This WOMEN’S CONFERENCE is where Influencers, Bloggers, and Creatives will connect up, to share everything they know about this industry!

I’ve been asked to be on two panels as well as speak on PHOTOGRAPHY…. how to get that perfect picture, and why it’s important! I couldn’t be more thrilled to go and represent women at midlife. I say that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER and that LIFE IS JUST BEGINNING, and I’ve learned these last four years…… that THAT IS TRUE!

It’s amazing to me to take a look back and remember how my life has gone from that to this! So many changes! I’ve been pushed out of my COMFORT ZONE in more ways than I thought possible! It’s been SO DANG HARD, and DIFFICULT, and FRUSTRATING, and REWARDING, and EMPOWERING!

Back then I wouldn’t have been able to imagine my life now. Running a business was the farthest thing from my mind! So to think that now I’m working my brand and acting as a voice for women my age is absolutely crazy! I LOVE to hear from you all! The other day I ran in to a ChicOver50 fan here in my town. She apologized for taking my time. I quickly said, “NO this is the BEST PART of my job!” And it truly is!

If you are interested in attending, here is a link to buy tickets. It’s going to be so packed full of information! If you’re serious about going to the next level in your business… this conference would be for you!

MARCH 26th – 29th ~ Atlanta Georgia ~ Influencers of Midlife

Speaking like a Lady Boss will for sure be a bit nerve-racking I would imagine. But with that I have to say that I feel a great responsibility to SHINE for mid-lifers! I have learned as I’ve gone along with the help of friends who have supported and cheered me on! So whether or not you are in this business, you too…. can be your own #ladyboss!


And…. about this outfit! This is a picture from the archives, which I will be doing more often. This denim jacket I’ve had for so many years and was able to find the exact one (at least pretty close) to mine. It will ALWAYS work…. a classic! The jeans linked are the same. The top and scarf are a great close second, and just as poppy and fun! And what about this statement bracelet! OH!!!!

And you can BUY your #ladyboss TEE SHIRT right HERE!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Speaking Like A Lady Boss

    1. Carin THANK YOU sweet friend…. YOU should be the one teaching the PHOTOGRAPHY class!!!!! XO

  1. You will be fantastic!!! Your ‘story’ is tailor made for this of event. I know you will inspire the whole dang place!!! You ARE living proof!!

    1. Cheryl…. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! Are you on Instagram by the way? How did you first find me? I think you’ve got to be one of the very first ChicOver50 followers!!! XO

  2. You are an inspiration to us maturing women and I always look forward to your blog. I pray you have a successful convention. Blessings!

  3. Shauna, I’ve been searching high and low for the beautiful lilac scarf with red flowers you’ve been seen in. Please, can you tell me where it came from?? Thank you so much!!! I LOVE EVERY LOOK OF YOURS!!!

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