The Long And Short Of A Kimono

Photographed at the Salt Flats in a CHICOS Kimono


The long and short of a kimono is… they are AWESOME, especially this time of year! It’s really the best time to get your kimono style on! I can’t remember even having a kimono before I started my blog. I’ve discovered these passed several years, that they are so fun to wear!

Just in case you’re not sure what the definition of kimono is, this is it. They can often be confused with a shawl or a wrap, or a ruana. A kimono has sleeves, where the others don’t.

KIMONO~ a long, loose robe with wide sleeves and tied with a sash, (or not) originally worn as a formal garment in Japan.

I don’t know that I could tell you what my favorite way to wear a kimono is. I LOVE the idea of a kimono on a beach or poolside. They make THE PERFECT coverup in that setting. They are so romantic looking, so the beach is ideal!

Wearing a kimono over shorts as I’ve done above, is ADORABLE! You could wear the short or long style, as either one would work. This picture is from a few years ago…. when my hair was pink, and so this kimono is sold out. But, it was from CHICOS and a short style. The tassels are such a cute detail!

A long kimono is absolutely gorgeous with long pants or jeans. I just got a new one delivered to me yesterday, that I can’t wait to style for you and share! The colors are absolutely BEAUTIFUL on this one. Below I’ve linked a GORGEOUS look most all from Chicos. They always have such PRETTY kimonos! Here I’m wearing one of my favorites!

I don’t think I would ever wear a kimono with a dress. I think it could be done if the proportions and fit were all working right. I’m very short, and so this would have to be absolutely precise in order for it to look right! If you did want to do this, wear a more form-fitted and simple dress underneath.


This is a really fun accessory-like item to have in your wardrobe! I have several of them, and get them out over and over again!

Shauna XO