How To Wear Summer Plaids

Hmmmmm…. How to wear summer plaids. Plaids and summertime haven’t always gone together in my mind. Plaids seem more like fall and winter. I think we all have a comfy plaid flannel that we wear all winter long? They’re cozy and warm and so cute with your favorite jeans and boots. It’s not often that I find a cute plaid for the summer months though. But, this pencil skirt sure does make me re-think plaid for summertime style!

Just a side-note…. I was SO close to returning this skirt. I loved the colors when I saw it online, and the silhouette is really good for my shape. When I put it on and had my husband take my picture, and THEN told him I was thinking about returning it….. he said WHAT??? He definitely loved it which made me change my mind. And that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it, it just means that maybe I didn’t need another skirt! LOL!!

But back to how to wear SUMMER PLAIDS… plaid can sometimes feel very business-like and professional looking, which I’m neither! It can go from that, to tom-boyish and grungy. So, I want to show you how to wear plaids in the summertime with lots of flair and sass! I’ve linked up some really cute outfits that are fresh and cool, and I think you’re all finally ready to go out a little bit? Hopefully so!! I think EVERYONE is ready to get on with things!

Remember this post…. this same plaid shirt with the chambray denim is beautiful for summer! It was super cute with the red eyelet lace skirt above as well! Here is a skirt that is so close to this one here! This shirt is similar as well to the one I’m wearing! You could tie it up in the front the same way. And look….. I’m wearing the same heels as my current look. THAT’S WHY you want some good neutral shoes! They’ll always work!


I think this plaid top is darling with the crisp white jeans! And what about this price-point! WOW! Either of the shoes would work, depending on where you’re going. The jewelry brings out the bright colors in the shirt!

This dress is so stinkin adorable. I would totally wear this one with sneakers too! It’s classy, the perfect cap sleeve, and has such a beautiful silhouette! LOVE this one! And….. it will never go out of STYLE!

How about these plaid pants? Aren’t they cute! Put them with a graphic tee and sparkly slides, and it’s girly all the way!

As I thought about how I could style my plaid pencil skirt, I LOVED the idea of it with white sneakers. I don’t know about you, but feeling comfy and still feminine is sometimes hard to achieve. THIS is the perfect skirt to do just that! I would pair it with a graphic tee or sweatshirt, a lightweight linen sweater tied up in a knot, or if you’re in to tank tops or camisoles, that would be cute too! Another great thing about this skirt, is that the fabric is soft and not stiff, which is the one reason I don’t wear a lot of linen.

Hope this has given you some inspo! I’ve tried to show you that plaid is not just for fall and winter! It can be just as cute in the summer heat! Skirts, pants, dresses, or shorts! And one last thing…. THIS would be my PLAID INDULGENCE right here! Have a GREAT WEEK!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “How To Wear Summer Plaids

  1. Absolutely adorable!! you, the outfit, of course, the hair !!!!!

    funny, my hair and hair color, when I style it, is somewhat similar to yours. whenever I think about
    coloring it, I am reminded of the upkeep that it takes.. also, I ‘ll see your blog posts and how great your hair
    looks… and I think to myself.. well, Shauna makes it work… then I can too!!

    wow. that really is a cute outfit!

    1. Hi Suz…. it’s SO NICE not having to worry about color anymore! I’m sure yours looks fantastic!!! THANK YOU so much for stopping by! Take care girl! XO

  2. I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I’m 58 and I’m struggling a bit with my weight. I read your blog from the app Bloglovin. This particular blog post I never mark as read so I see it in the mornings while reading the blogs I follow. This post inspires me to keep exercising and loose weight. All I want to be able to do is tuck a shirt in or tie it up like this photo.
    Thank you again!

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