I LOVE LIFE! J’Aime La Vie!! Friends…. I feel like our society and our country is in such turmoil. THIS SWEATSHIRT is one that I wish that EVERYONE could wear with honesty! I want to chat about IT and then I want to chat about how I wish we could all calm down!

This sweatshirt is made of a very thin fabric and so is easily tucked in without a lot of bulk. It feels much like a long sleeved tee. I loved the brightly colored letters and mostly the MESSAGE! It was cute with these high-rise, belted pants! And… they just went ON SALE! I’m styling them both in different ways just for some fun, and so you can see how versatile both the sweatshirt and pants are!


THIS SKIRT is to die for cute! It comes in white too and just might be one I have to have?!! The sneakers are so much like the ones I bought last spring and wore to death! Such a fun summertime look!


Add a cute puff sleeve top and some bright colored heels along with some fun jewelry and these jeans suddenly look very dressed up! LOVE LOVE this top! The shade of green is beautiful in my book!


Now…… to the stuff that I don’t usually like to talk about, but WILL because I’m an “INFLUENCER”, and feel a certain obligation to do so. The only reason I don’t talk, is because NO MATTER what I say, there will be backlash and contention. The violence that has happened here in my part of the world has been horrible for sure. And of course BLACK LIVES MATTER, as do ALL LIVES. Everyone is of value. I don’t understand why people have to voice their frustration, with violence and contention, that evokes such hatred. I DON’T GET IT, I don’t. What has happened and is happening now, is awful! NO QUESTION. Please….. let’s ALL do our part to show PEACE and LOVE for ALL!

Shauna XO

13 thoughts on “I LOVE LIFE!

  1. You hit the right note, Shauna. I’ve stopped following fashion and design bloggers who usage their “white guilt” by lecturing their readers about racism. I’m not a racist. Never have been. Never will be. I doubt most followers are nor can they relate in the least bit to the actions of one evil man.

    Cute outfit!

    1. THANK YOU Dawn….. the pressure is incredible. I’m just trying to learn and do the right thing from a moral and business standpoint! Thank you for your comment! XO

    1. Jo THANK YOU SO MUCH! It just seems we could all accomplish much more if we were all more calm! I think we can all have different opinions, but debate and work for change in a more peaceful fashion! XO

  2. I really like wearing sweatshirts alot. The products list you have shared in this article is really amazing. Thank you for listing it together. Keep sharing

    1. Hi Leslie! I LOVE sweatshirts too! They are comfy and cozy and the best part about this one is that it’s thin and can be worn during the summer months without seeming too heavy! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  3. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” All lives matter. Therefore police officers who murder should be severely punished to the full extent of the law to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen again. Good people want an end to police brutality.

    1. Dee…. yes! Who is that quote from? No matter what it looks like on the outside, we have no idea what people are doing to help the situation. The judgement needs to go away as well. Would you agree? Thank you for chiming in!

  4. Your words were well spoken. Thank you.
    I just wanted you to know that I personally consider you a beautiful woman inside as well as outside and also a woman of integrity. Thank you for being you Shauna.

  5. My name is Cynthia (aka)Cindy I’m so happy to see someone like you at your age how you dress first thing first you are very beautiful and look awesome for you age and love the way you dress so thank you for show me that at our age we can look as good as you so thank you

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