The Best And Safest Way To DEFEND Yourself

Defend yourself in the safest way!
My Byrna HD gives me so much PEACE OF MIND!

Ladies…… have you been looking for the best and safest way to defend yourself? I’ve discovered something SO awesome and SO cool and had to share it with you. I’ve never owned anything to defend myself besides my muscles and my mouth. I’ve not been around guns a lot, and never had the desire to own one. THIS Byrna HD is a great alternative, and will allow you to have something you’re comfortable with and that WILL PROTECT YOU!

It’s easy to go along and forget how scary it would be to be confronted by someone dangerous. You just never ever know when something could happen. We get used to our environments and neighborhoods….. until something happens. And it can happen anytime and anywhere!!!

So first a little bit about the Byrna HD. This is a non-lethal self-defense product. They call it the UN-GUN, which I think is a brilliant way to think of it. So many of “US” are a bit afraid of guns, and aren’t comfortable with having one in our homes. And although you still need to follow all of the safety precautions with the Byrna HD, it’s a much better alternative for you to protect yourself in case something should arise.

The Byrna HD is powered by compressed air (CO2), just like a paintball or airsoft gun. It shoots .68 caliber round kinetic and chemical irritant projectiles, that can literally disable a threat from up to 60 feet away!!!!!! It’s pretty powerful. I’ve taken mine out in to the desert a couple of different times to target shoot. My husband is quite impressed with its power! And what girl wouldn’t love a PINK self defense weapon?!!

Another thing I LOVE about this, is that you DO NOT need to have any sort of a permit to use it. And no background checks either. However you DO HAVE TO BE 18 YEARS OLD to purchase one. This is for men and women to use of all ages. What better device to have at home, to protect you in any situation where you feel threatened.

EASY to use!

My Byrna has been super easy for me to use as well. The instructions are simple and easy to understand. The BYRNA LAUNCHER KIT includes the launcher itself, two 5-round magazines, two Byrna CO2 cartridges, one 5-round tube of Byrna inert projectiles, one 5-round tube of Byrna chemical irritant projectiles, one 5-round tube of Byrna kinetic projectiles, and one #byrnanation medallion.

You can learn more about the BYRNA HD right here.

If you are looking for THE BEST and SAFEST way to defend yourself…… please look in to this amazing self-defense device. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that I have access to it in an instant, for any confrontation! It’s absolutely amazing…… and definitely makes me feel like a LADY BOSS!!!!!!

Shauna XO


46 thoughts on “The Best And Safest Way To DEFEND Yourself

  1. Dear Shauna: I share your concern for womens’ safety; so I certainly hope you don’t have any backlash about this post (in light of today’s news about the tragedy involving Mr. Alex Baldwin).

    1. Hi Brie….thank you for your concern. This had been scheduled long before yesterday’s tragedy. I would hope that others would see that and know I’m promoting self defense and not violence. Thanks for stopping by and take care!!! XO

        1. Thank you so much Candace, for your comment. I truly do appreciate it! Please stop by ANY time! XO

          1. Thanks Shauna for bringing this non-lethal Bryna to my attention! I’m comfortable with guns at the the shooting range, but prefer not to carry. This is a great alternative to defend myself & is approved by my husband who is a competitive shooter. Now i just need to wait for the hot pink Byrna to be back in stock. Currently sold out! Thanks again. We girls need to be prepared!

    2. I think that trying to equate a gun with style is in poor taste at the very least and can be viewed as glamorizing violence. I’m assuming that you are deleting all the negative comments, which is a shame. If you’re going to put this nonsense out there, you have to be prepared for the backlash and should allow people to have a dialogue about it.

      1. Oh yes….. I haven’t deleted any comments, nor yours. I believe everyone has a voice. This is about self-defense NOT violence. It’s interesting because 95% of the comments have been very positive.

  2. This is fantastic! Let’s face it I’m not so sure if I’d have the guts to pull the trigger on someone..even if my life’s in danger. And that hesitation could cost me my life!! But this little beauty….I think I’d be ok using!! Great idea! Thanks Shawna, not to many bloggers do this…but you ALWAYS think out side the box!!!

    1. Thank you Cheryl…. I guess I didn’t realize what a hot topic it would be. But YES to having a NON-LETHAL alternative to defending yourself! Take care sweet friend! XO

    2. I would consider this, even though I could never shoot to kill. Thank you for letting us know about this product. Love the pink option!

  3. Absolutely most definitely the tragedy of what happened with Alex Baldwin…but protecting yourself and a devastating accident on a movie set is a far stretch. I certainly hope people can appreciate that.

  4. Shauna,
    My hair color and cut is very similar to yours, and I would like to know what styling products you use. Everything I’ve tried seems to weigh my hair down, etc. Also, do you use a rinse on your hair to avoid any yellowing?
    I love your style!
    Thank you,
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Lisa….. THANKS for your comment! My hair is all natural now, no color at all. I do however use a blue shampoo and conditioner that keeps it nice and bright! It’s linked up below. Best thing is to view my HAIR BLOGS to see about styling. They are linked below as well. Hope this helps!!!! XO



      HAIR BLOG~

  5. Hello beautiful! I hope you don’t delete my comment but I would have to disagree with your protection philosophy. If you get attacked, especially if that person is on meth, nothing but a real bullet will save you. I was always taught that when your in fear for your life, the minute you pull out that gun, you better be ready to use it…and not as a scare tactic. I’m afraid that the air gun would only piss someone off and then your in real trouble. I hope and pray that never happens, but in today’s world I wouldn’t take that chance.

    1. Suz I will never delete anyone’s comment unless it’s sexual or threatening, so you’re ALWAYS welcome. Everyone’s opinion matters here! This is such a sensitive topic. I respect how you feel towards it, but still feel that having some sort of protection is vital. This was just a much safer way to deter someone. Hope you have a wonderful day! XO

      1. I really respect the way that you allow everyone’s opinion because everyone is different. You will continue to inspire me and I absolutely love everything that you blog about! Have a wonderful weekend!

        1. Thank you Suz….. that means more to me than you know! I wish there were more of you in this world! XOXO

          1. It blows me away how obsessed Americans are with guns or things that look like guns! It’s no wonder so many innocent people die every day in the US from a gun. I appreciate that You are looking to educate women about protecting themselves but you lost me at Lady Boss! Ingenuous comment. Sorry Shauna.

  6. Sorry to hear about your gun beliefs Will be unfollowing your blog now

    I don’t understand the American obsession with the right to bear arms ????????

    1. So sorry to lose you Linda, but there wasn’t anything said about my gun belief. This is nothing to do with the right to bear arms. This is like carrying Mace spray.

  7. Thank you for sharing with us this valuable information, I had never heard of the Byrna. This is the first time I have posted on your blog.

    1. Diane THANK YOU. It’s really a great alternative…. I appreciate you chiming in! Take care! XO

  8. My first thought was on no, not another gun but was pleased to read it is non-lethal; a weapon choice I can get behind. Thanks for advising on alternative defense weapons.

    1. Jonelle….. THANK YOU. There are too many here that aren’t reading that it IS NON-LETHAL! Thank you so much for commenting! XO

  9. I think you’ve gone too far. I follow you because of your fashion not the products that you need to sell. This is in very poor taste. If it looks like a gun, then someone will think it’s a gun and then anything can happen. Could cause more harm then good.

    1. Donna I respect your opinion, and believe everyone has the right to their own. This was a collaboration and something that I believe is a great alternative and way to protect yourself. It’s for sure a very sensitive topic!

  10. I take no offense from this post and am intrigued by this product. I own a real handgun, but it is hidden in my home and I never carry it anywhere, although in my hometown one can legally “pack”. I was taught how to handle a gun safely as a youngster. I don’t understand all the outrage over owning a gun. We law abiding citizens are taught to respect guns. In this day and age, I feel safer having a means to protect myself in my own home. Btw, I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Kathy THANK YOU THANK YOU. You’ve made a very good point! I appreciate your comment and wish that more people out there would understand that this is NON-LETHAL and a great way to push off an attack.

  11. Please educate yourself on the statistics of owning a gun or even a non gun and who really gets hurt in these situations of self defence. There are many cases where it is a family member or yourself who gets hurt. It is sad you feel threatened enough that you feel the need for self defence……the real problem is more of poverty and the disparity between rich and poor…I wish you more education on this matter and that you better understand how to protect yourself and your family and maybe your community.

    1. Sandi…. I personally don’t feel threatened. I feel like this is a great way to have in a discreet place, where you could get to it ONLY if needed. This is a sensitive topic and one that we all need to decide FOR OURSELVES, how we can best protect ourselves. I respect your opinion, but would hope that we could respect each other’s opinions as well. Take care!

        1. Sandi yes, it was a paid collaboration. But I won’t ever post anything that I don’t believe will benefit me or others.

          1. Shauna – I respect your style and clothing. However, I believe your bold statement that a “non-gun” is the safest way to defend yourself is untrue…and you have not provided any evidence to support that statement….tasers and paint ball guns are also supposed to be non-lethal and in many cases have resulted in disfigurement and death…

            we will agree to disagree.

          2. Sandi I understand that opinions about topics like this are EXTREMELY SENSITIVE. I respect what you’re saying, but as you said….. we can agree to disagree, and in a respectful way. Thank you for your comments!

    1. Polly sorry to see you go. There are more than 600 women EVERY DAY that are sexually assaulted. This is a NON-LETHAL way to protect ourselves in case something should arise.

  12. Go Shauna!
    We should hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. I fully support your views in this matter.
    Thank you!

    1. Margaret THANK YOU. I wish more here could understand that this is a NON-LETHAL way to defend. I really appreciate you chiming in here! XO

  13. I was so happy to see this today! I own a gun and have considered purchasing something a little easier to handle. But this is a great idea! I hope I never have to defend myself against someone trying to hurt me or my family — but if I do, I would much rather be prepared than left to chance. Thanks for sharing Shauna!

    1. Janeen YES YES YES! I wish MORE could see it and understand it like YOU DO! Thank you so much for your comment! XO

  14. Hi Shauna:
    I LOVE the photos of you with the pink “gun”. I do own a gun and carry, but I like the alternative for when traveling out of state or a place where guns are not allowed. And take good care!!!

    1. Hi Theresa…. this really is GREAT ALTERNATIVE! That was my main purpose for posting. I thank you for your perspective here! Take care and come back again soon! XO

  15. First rule of gun safety is to never put your finger on the trigger unless you are about to shoot. I’m a firm believer In being able to protect one’s self and your loved ones.

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