Why I Miss My Mama

Oh how I miss my mama…. today would have been her 87th birthday! She left us last May, not even a year ago. It’s so interesting the times when I miss her. I think about her every single day. I wonder what she’s doing, what her and my daddy have been up to, and I wonder lots if she knows what I’m doing.

This flannel shirt I’m wearing was my mama’s. When she passed, we all took turns going through her closet and choosing things we would want to keep in her memory. This red flannel shirt and her UGG slippers are what I chose. She loved soft and comfy and cozy clothes. This shirt she would wear when she was going out to meet her friends or family.

Red was mama’s favorite color too. So…… I HAD to wear red boots with her red flannel. I also had to find some kind of red for our backdrop as well. She was always happy with her red, and many of the clothes that I bought for her were red. I think she would have approved of the pearls as well!

Dear mama…..

I’m wearing your red flannel shirt today, in honor of what would have been your 87th BIRTHDAY! RED was your favorite color and so I had to wear red boots too and find a red backdrop! I think about you EVERY DAY. Less than one year ago, you left us to go be with daddy and I know that you’re there with him building your kingdom together! It’s funny what things make me think of you. When I’m on the road and need someone to talk to, to keep from falling asleep, I miss you then. When I have a very personal question about LIFE that I don’t dare bring up with anyone else, I miss you then. When I need to just unload, I miss you then. When I want some of your sensible advice about my children, I miss you then! And I especially miss going to the temple and lunch with you….. your very favorite!


These are all reasons why I miss my mama. Now that she’s gone, I realize even more how amazing she was. I’m forever saying to my husband, “How did my mom do it. How did she do all that she did?” There is no question to any of us, that she was a woman of God. Her EXAMPLE affects me EVERY DAY!

Shauna XO

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12 thoughts on “Why I Miss My Mama

  1. My sympathies Shauna, I miss my Mum too, she died about a year before yours just a little shy of 95 years. I spoke to her on the phone the night before she died after she had called me & left a message in my mobile, on the message I hear her answering my call & talking to me. I don’t think I will ever delete it. I listen to her voice just when I need a little “Mum fix”. It does get easier but slowly x

    1. Linda how awesome to have a recording of your mum on your voicemail! You just don’t know how you could miss them so much, until they are gone. I’m sure now they are both our guardian angels!!!! Take care sweet friend! Hope to hear from you again soon! XO

    2. You brought tears to my eyes, Shauna. December 9 will be 16 years since my mom left to be with my dad. I miss her most with gardening/cooking questions (she was phenomenal at both), AND when department store make-up counters have gifts. I could wear brights & blue undertones, mom could wear rose and mauve, and my sister could wear warm tones and corals…no lipstick/blush went to waste!
      My condolences, I know how empty those “firsts” feel the first year without Mom.

      1. I so feel for you. No matter how old we are, we still miss our Mom’s.
        Thank you for sharing your feelings.

  2. I know you miss your Mom terribly! I miss mine as well! At least we know that they were women of God and I know that you and I are thankful for the upbringing that we were blessed to have. We will see them again….that is God’s

    1. Rene yes, amen to everything! So comforting to know they were women of God! It’s one of the best gifts she left me, is her LOVE FOR HIM! Thank you for your sweet words! XO

  3. Many of us know exactly how you feel. Seems like yesterday…seems like a lifetime ago. My dad always said “in the end, we only have memories”. So make the best, of the time you have.

    1. Cheryl it’s so true…. WE HAVE to be present with our family when we get the time with them. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff and forget about the MEMORY MAKING!!!!!! Thanks for chiming in girl! Always good to hear from you! XO

  4. Hi Shauna! My thoughts are with you and as a member of the “I miss my mama club”, I know now you feel. I think of mine daily and talk to her all the time. I know she is always near. My mama was always doing something for someone, most often sharing her love via her oven. I would comment on this and she would say “Michelle, these are not my ideas. Who do you think puts them in my head? These are His wishes, I just follow them.” I now find myself doing the same and when I catch myself, I smile, look to the heavens and ask her if it was His idea or hers. She had a deal with God that if she didn’t find a husband by the age of 24 she would enter the Convent. Am I ever glad my Daddy walked into St. Mary’s church when she was 23, saw her and love at first sight. They were both praying to the Blessed Mother Mary to find a life mate. I too take comfort that they are together again and I am sure they are dancing up a storm. I often put in a big band cd and dance around my living room, joining them. Crazy, maybe but reliving those memories of coming down the stairs to see them dancing in the living room is comforting. Every child should be so lucky and it sounds like you were as well. We were rich in ways that no accountant could put on a spreadsheet. Love to you and all those who read this!!

    1. Michelle oh my goodness! What a sweet visual of your parents dancing together. They have to be doing the same thing up in heaven!!!! It’s hard having them gone, but then comforting at the same time knowing that they are together doing good things! I hang on to that, as well as feel grateful that BOTH my parents taught me to move along. Life goes on and that’s exactly what they’d want me to do. Your thoughts are so personal, so thank you for sharing! Hope that you too, will be full of LOVING BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES of your mama and daddy! XO

  5. P.S. LOVE the shirt and the boots. Your mama and mine (red was her color too) would definitely approve. My mama would be loving the boots!!!!

    1. My mama LOVED her shirt, but probably wouldn’t LOVE the boots…. at least for her! 🙂

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