More Draper’s and Damon’s Fashion

I have more Draper’s and Damon’s Fashion I wanted to share with you ladies. I recently blogged about this brand. You can read it right HERE. I’ve just been through the process of thinning out my closet. It was an interesting process, realizing what I was wearing the most. Over the last year and a half, I think that has changed for a lot of us, as we aren’t going out quite as much. But the world is starting to open up, and we have lots more reasons to DRESS UP.

If I were to think of a capsule wardrobe, and I’m thinking more of the woman who is starting from a place of really no organization in her wardrobe whatsoever, I would first think of BASICS. Basics truly are the building block to anyone’s closet. You start with the basics and then add from there. This is where Draper’s and Damon’s comes in. Their basics are fantastic.

As you can see here, I’m wearing their basic black pull-on pant, a beautiful red mock neck turtleneck sweater, and their sweater jacket. Both of these sweaters come in lots of colors. I actually have the blue mix color as well. These cardigans by the way, are perfect for fall. They will keep you warm, but aren’t heavy feeling like a coat is. They’re awesome! All of these pieces would be considered basics.

Does Draper’s and Damon’s carry other things besides basics?? Of course they do. In fact you can shop on their site for EVENTS such as FORMAL, TRAVEL, etc. You can also shop ATHLEISURE (my favorite), or go to their FAVORITE LABELS. They definitely can get you started with your basics, but there’s always more to add in!

Draper’s and Damon’s fashion also has a SLIMTACULAR line that I love too. This is all about smoothing, stretchy, and no sagging or bagging! Every woman wants to feel confident in her clothes, and this particular line will really make the fit for you pretty perfect. Make sure to follow the size charts! They are very much TRUE TO SIZE!


And ladies….. Draper’s and Damon’s also has JEWELRY.

Hope y’all have a WONDERFUL WEEK…… getting closer and closer to the holidays!!!!!!

Shauna XO