Leaning More Towards Lightweight Sweaters

I find myself leaning more towards lightweight sweaters these days. Just recently I have done a MAJOR CLEANOUT and THINNING OUT of my closet. I had so, so, SO MANY sweaters in there that were heavy, thick, and bulky. They did have their place once upon a time, when I spent a lot of time in the mountains. They definitely served their purpose. But I’ve honestly not worn them in years. I took most of them to my favorite consignment shop, and hopefully they will fall in to someone else’s hands that will get good use out of them.

Since being married two years ago, and moving to a much milder climate, I’m not wearing anything bulky and heavy. Even in the winter. I prefer a thinner sweater, and lots of layers. I LOVE these lightweight sweaters so much more! And when I say “lightweight” I don’t necessarily mean NOT WARM. My sweater above is actually really warm. I’m referring to lightweight as being NOT heavy, thick, and bulky.

This sweater is absolutely gorgeous! There’s nothing bulky or heavy about it. It lays pretty, it tucks or not, you can easily wear a belt around it…. I really love it! I think though, that a lot of you out there, may get stuck a little bit with it, in terms of how to style it. So….. just over here doing what I LOVE TO DO, I want to show you my ideas with this beautiful fall lightweight piece!

My first look ABOVE I styled it over a tunic-style metallic dress that I’ve had forever! This dress has been so much fun, but has a cap sleeve and so I’ve not worn it a lot in the winter. But by putting this lightweight floral sweater over the top and belting it, it made the dress look more like a skirt. And the metallic fabric was beautiful with the colors of the sweater! I’ve linked a metallic skirt that would have a similar look.

For my second look, I really LOVED it with these faux leather jeans. I got these at the Nordstrom Sale a couple of months ago, and honestly haven’t worn them much. But this sweater had the perfect colors, and there’s nothing more fall-like than faux leather and cashmere. I added some snakeskin boots. You know how I prefer bright punchy colors….. I pulled out the hot pink and wore that on my lips! Remember to look YOUR BEST, pull your favorite colors out of what you’re wearing and use them in your accessories!


By leaning more towards lightweight sweaters, it has allowed me to wear them MORE than if they were the heavy and bulky type. For me they are so much more versatile….. more bang for my buck you could say!


By the way…. it has been so hard scaling down my closet, and giving all of these beautiful clothes away. But I’ve tried really hard to take the “emotion” out of it and think instead to be more sensible. It brings me great joy to give my things away to my granddaughter and family members. They have so much fun going through everything and picking out what will work for them! What a LIBERATING feeling to have MORE OF WHAT I LOVE in my closet!

Take care sweet friends and enjoy your fall weeks….. this season never lasts long enough!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Leaning More Towards Lightweight Sweaters

  1. I love all those sweaters you’ve linked! I prefer a light weight sweater day to day. I especially love Merino wool! If I know I’m going on some sort of outing, I’ll put a more substantial knit on. Even living in New England, a lighter weight sweater will usually do. Those jeans are the greatest!

    1. Hi Cheryl….. I’ve never worn much Merino wool. I’ll have to try it. Don’t you think it’s interesting how most everyone keeps going back to the same things over and over? I’m that way with cashmere, never breaking out of that box when shopping for clothes. And yes the jeans are so much fun! I can’t wait to wear them with some over the knee boots!! XO

  2. I want to know what consignment shop you bring your clothes!!! haha. I just love your style.

    1. Hi Laurie…. I take them to a shop up in Salt Lake City. It’s called Namedroppers and only takes higher-end pieces. It’s a really nice store and I’ve even been known to shop there!!! In fact when I went to NYC Fashion Week a few years ago, they were the ones that dressed me for most of my events. And THANK YOU for stopping by! XO

  3. I live in merino and cashmere sweaters nine months of the year in the Pacific Northwest. I have had some for well over 10 years. They are so versatile. Can always add a Ryan’s or pinch if more warmth needed.

    1. Kathy I need to try more merino wool! I don’t think I have much of that in my closet! I want to know what you mean when you say adding a Ryan’s?? What is that? XOXO

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