Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’m a bit late with a post on BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. But as they say…. better late than never! I love that there is a designated month to be more aware of this horrible disease and for us all to consider how we can support and help. I’m pulling a lot of my thoughts from this blog that I read, that I found to be really enlightening!

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about more than awareness of the disease, it is about making people aware of the challenges that remain, it is about removing barriers to care for the people it affects, it is about reducing the disparities that exist across races, genders and ethnicities, and it is about reminding people that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

ONE IN EIGHT WOMEN, is astounding! That proves to be more than true in my own family, of nine women. I’ve had two sister-in-laws that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and one just within the last month. Sometimes it feels very hard to know what to say to someone dealing with breast cancer. You want to support, but the whole CANCER thing can be intimidating.

One of the best ways to support those in our lives who are dealing with this, is to educate ourselves and to donate. So that is my purpose here, is to shed some light as well as give you a link where you can donate.

The biggest risks to getting breast cancer are your inherited genes, being overweight, and being older. Of course there are other reasons too, and really EVERYONE (even men) is at risk. There are so many things to learn about BREAST CANCER. And we don’t really know what specifically causes it. It can be so many things, no one really knows.

We know more about breast cancer than ever before. We know it isn’t just one disease, but a family of diseases – each with a different “personality”, characteristics, appearances and behaviors. We know there at least four main subtypes of breast cancer, and there are at least an additional six subtypes for one of the four. This information has led researchers to learn more about specific types of breast cancer and develop specific treatments that aim to kill the cancer cells and prevent them from recurring or coming back.

For more information on breast cancer and breast health you can click here. OR there is a BREAST CARE HELPLINE at 1-877-465-6636. YOU CAN DONATE HERE!

Shauna XO

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6 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. I think every month should be any kind of cancer awareness month! There are so many different kinds of cancer and some be are terminal, thus educating and supporting those afflicted with this horrible disease. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Btw…you look gorgeous in Pink!

    1. Suz what a BRILLIANT idea! Cancer is what took my daddy’s life, brain cancer. I hope that someday we will have a cure for ALL! Thank you…. it’s always so nice hearing from you girl! XO

  2. I am 61 my daughter two aunts have breast cancer. My aunts had numerous surgeries and treatments. My daughter is still doing chemo. I feel we as women are sisters blood or not and men are not exempt from the disease. I am praying for everyone for no one knows who will get the diagnosis. It is hard work for the survivors and support teams that help these beautiful souls cope with the side effects and challenges and of getting up for another day. I know many understand the pain physical and mental from watching your love ones suffer and try to stay positive for them. I was at a breast cancer awareness party recently and I appreciate the effort the host put into making the event wonderful.🌸🌷💖

    1. Winnifred thank you! I think that it’s SO DIFFICULT to imagine what cancer patients go through. There is no way to know the fear, anxiety, and pain they go through, without going through it yourself. Our best efforts are what we should always be willing to give! Best wishes to your family!!!!! Thank you again for stopping by! XO

  3. Thank you so much for your recognition of Breast CA patients. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast CA almost 21 years ago, I’ve been Stage 4 for 12 of those years. I am grateful everyday for this milestone. It makes me smile when I shop for stylish clothing, and more so when I receive compliments on my choices. I’m 67 years young, and living each day to the fullest!

    1. Christina CONGRATULATIONS for not only your good health, but for your POSITIVE ATTITUDE! I believe that a good attitude and a grateful heart can take you so far! THANK YOU so much for sharing your thoughts and BEST WISHES TO YOU………. ALWAYS! Xoxoxoxo

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