Am I Too Old To Wear This?

Ladies…. let’s talk. AM I TOO OLD TO WEAR THIS? I have women asking me all the time about this. There is such a debate about age and what to wear if you’re a certain age, etc. I guess because I LOVE clothing so much, it’s a no-brainer! If you LOVE it WEAR it! It’s really very true….. IF YOU LOVE what you have on, MOST of the time it will look good to others. In other words, CONFIDENCE is everything!

I’m pretty confident in what I choose to wear. However, sometimes I get it wrong, and will adjust whatever needs to be adjusted (shoes, jewelry, the combinations of things, etc.). I’m always a bit surprised at women that say to me, I would never have thought to put that together, or I had no idea that I could wear that at my age, or do you really think someone my age could wear that?

I do think though, that if you are in your 60’s and choose to wear distressed torn jeans, there is a more appropriate way to wear them at that age. I definitely would not style them like a 15 year old, or a 25 year old. I would keep everything else on the more conservative side. By doing that, you can ROCK those ripped jeans and look amazing, and not look like your daughter.

It’s amazing what accessories can do as well. By changing out some jewelry or a bag or hat, you can change the look of an outfit really quickly! As I said above, if you want to wear super funky jewelry, maybe keep your outfit on the simpler side.

In the above picture, I’m wearing some super distressed denim, with a green stripe tee. Nothing is very extreme, except maybe the denim. I’ve sized up on these for a super slouchy fit which I will always love. My neutral booties are pretty basic and I’m wearing minimal jewelry. A teenager would wear maybe some hightop sneakers and a hoodie and much louder and exaggerated jewelry…. maybe a bunch of chunky bracelets? Do you see the difference?

BALANCE is the key to any look. At mid-life think about trendy with classic, or skinny with oversized. In other words don’t wear an all trendy look. Or don’t wear tight fitting all over. Now of course there are exceptions to the rule….. I always say, “It just depends.” But the bottom line is IF YOU FEEL CONFIDENT, most likely, you’ll look good. Most people are noticing your confidence over what you are wearing! Now ladies….. go and dress confidently and learn how to ROCK THE TRENDS!!

Shauna XO

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  1. Exactly,wear what you like with confidence,but best not doing it like a always look awesome.sadly I haven’t the confidence to wear lots of things,but then,I have dogs,so… jeans and shirts that it doesn’t matter if they get hair/mud/ whatever all over them lol xx

    1. Lynn yes you’ve got it RIGHT girl! I wear very low key most of the time too! Jeans and tees are always a good option and still can be stylish…. even with dogs! Btw, I bet your doggies LOVE YOU! XO

    2. You are correct in saying in your sixties you would not wear the clothes like a teenager. I am 62 and wear what ever I feel good in. However I take into consideration my large bottom and hips even tho my waist is small. I can’t wear ALL styles of clothing. Thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront.

  2. I adore the way you dress and it NEVER looks too young on you! And your so right about being funky in all the right places lol! I dress like this also…but I still get my daughter and granddaughters opinion! And yes, they would tell me if I went too far!

    1. Suz I LOVE that you have girls close at hand to keep you in line!!! LOL! You are the sweetest always, thank you! I just have so much fun with clothes and the possibilities, and love to share with others. I do have such a great job! Take care sweet friend! XO

      1. I love dungarees but my husband says they make me look butch. I’m not exactly slim and I would love to be able to wear some but don’t know how to and still look femanine .

        1. Alison….. this is what you do! Wear them with a flirty top. Maybe a floral print top or scarf. Also wearing them with heels would be darling…. I just did that the other day! Wearing some fun earrings will also make them much more feminine. Wearing a colorful scarf as a belt is another way! Hope that helps! Btw, your husband!!!! LOL! XO

          1. Re dungarees. Ha! Yes I’ve made my husband sound bad but he is seriously lovely!!! The problem is I ask him to be honest and then I don’t like what he’s saying!! I have never thought of wearing dungarees with heels. That would be totally amazing and I’m going to try it!! Thanks so much for the advice x

          2. I TOTALLY GET THIS ONE….. we ask but then we don’t like the answer!!!! LOL! I’m sure he’s LOVELY! XO

  3. Hi
    Just came across your article and thought wow she thinks like me. I am 52 cancer warrior and I still wear ripped jeans. I scan through fashion magazines to see what’s wearing . I don’t think you have to dress to fit in with the fifty something or sixty something etc. Your style should reflect your confidence not your age. just as long as you keep it classy. My daughters raid my closets and they always get compliments on what they wear. You look 👍 by the way.

    1. Hi Lydia! It’s really nice to hear from you, and congratulations on beating your cancer!!!! I LOVE what you say here, that your style should reflect your confidence NOT YOUR AGE! That’s exactly right! It sounds like your closet is FABULOUS!!!! And what fun to share with your daughters!!!! Take care girl, and come back again soon! XO

    2. I’m with you ! I’m 54 and rock.. concert Ts ,ripped jeans, silver bangles and chucks. I also have indigo hair. My 24 yr old daughter loves how I dress..

  4. I remember a few years ago I flew to Germany to visit my Brother wearing my distressed Jeans ,and I am in my 70 ish, my Brother gave me money to buy more Jeans . He said ” OMG ,Rita what happen ,can’t you not afford to buy some Jeans, that you have to wear these old one’s” I just cracked up you got to learn to get to know what’s in Style, Bro. We had the best Sommer that Year just spending time together, going shopping, showing Him the new Styles. He spend EU 2000 on new clothes for me it was so fun and I got some cute stuff. Sadly my Brother died the year later when covid hit, but I will always cherish our last Sommer together.

    1. Rita I LOVE your story! What WONDERFUL AND HAPPY memories you have now of you and your brother! That is PRICELESS! It’s so funny with the ripped jeans thing…… my husband even has some now, except for his are ripped because they’re literally worn out! I’m so happy you stopped by, and so happy you have those cherished times with your “bro”! Take care sweet friend, and come back again soon! XO

  5. I always love what you wear! You have such an eye for style. You know exactly how to keep edgier clothing looking wearable. Love the look of distressed jeans. I have a few pair, but there slightly distressed….a good way to dip your toe in the “distressed” pond.

    1. Cheryl YES YES YES! You have it exactly right! You DO NOT have to go overboard with any trend or style. Wherever you are comfortable IS JUST RIGHT FOR YOU! And thank you SO MUCH for your kind words girl! XO

  6. I am 80 and I wear my jeans with holes and my Blowfish raggy sneakers with a Blazer and white blouse or jean jacket, etc. I feel comfortable and sometimes my kids friends will tell me I look mod or I look good. Of course, they could be pulling my leg, LOL!

    1. Bonnie you are 80 and DOIN YOUR THING!!! That is SO AWESOME! I don’t think your family is pulling your leg at all girl! XO

  7. OMG I cracked up at your comment that your husband’s are ripped due to being worn out! My husband has a pair that are very, well…worn. He wears them when he cuts grass. When he goes to it do his mother’s lawn who is very stuffy, she would say “what’s the matter, can’t afford new work pants?” He would reply that those were his work pants with built in air conditioning. I admire his “don’t care” attitude because a comment like that would have had me running home to change and I don’t think I would have been as nice with my reply either…shouldn’t put down free help!

    1. Michelle….. that’s funny! My daddy used to say the same thing to me. They just don’t understand FASHION I guess?!! It’s ok…. so important to be confident with what you have on and to have a sense of humor too! And yes….. YAY FOR FREE HELP! Xoxoxoxo

  8. Too old to wear this… I don’t think so. I’d wear anything as long as it’s not too short or too low of a neckline. I’m 68 and definitely do not feel too old. It’s a mind and attitude thing.
    I did go back to school – university – from 1995 to 1999 to obtain my bachelors and masters degree in nursing. It was definitely hard, but it opened my mind and created more career opportunities and a better retirement financially. I’ve been retired since I was 61 1/2 and definitely don’t miss being a nurse. But I have many great memories of nursing but it’s about all the wonderful people and experiences during those years that I treasure.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead.

    1. Betty what a nice comment…. thank you! For sure MIND AND ATTITUDE make all the difference! I congratulate you on getting your masters. That is quite AMAZING! WOW! Doing those hard things sure does bring CONFIDENCE! Way to go girl! Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon! XO

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