Sweater Dress In Stripes On Sunday

Good morning friends and HAPPY SUNDAY! This would be my street style fun in this adorable sweater dress! I fell in LOVE with this the minute I laid eyes on it! It not only is extremely comfortable, but the vibrant colors are SO happy!

Sweater dresses can be so hard to wear! They’re often clingy and show WAY MORE than we want! They can also stick and bunch against your other clothing, which is why I usually stay away from them. But this……this is so not that way! First it’s so flattering with it’s a-line cut! It pulls over your head, no zippers, buttons, or hooks! Easy-peasy!! It was a bit short for me (I’m wearing a petite size) so I’m wearing a very heavy textured pair of tights underneath. It didn’t cling or stick at all to my tights, it really was SO EASY to wear! When it gets cooler, I’ll wear a denim jacket over the top, maybe a long wool coat. It would be darling with higher boots and a hat! You could even put a lighter gray sweater with it!

This is such a great way to wear a dress through the colder months, this one will keep you warm. It has everything going for it from comfort, to quality, to ease, and finally style!!!!! And I thought what better place to wear it, than a beautiful highway in Southern Utah! Ha….well of course! Just like those over-the-knee boots on my hike! This makes a great little dress to hitch-hike in! Just having fun with you friends…..you could really wear it anywhere!

Have a great day, and LET YOUR HEART BE LIGHT! And remember…..your experience doesn’t end when you reach your destination!!!

Shauna XO

Just FYI….my shopping guides are below. I’ll be posting THIS WEEK, guides for HIM, and FESTIVE styles!!!





6 thoughts on “Sweater Dress In Stripes On Sunday

  1. Love❤️ Love ❤️ Love the fit and flare look, so ladylike!! A lifetime ago it was always body hugging for me. Now, to me, the fit and flare look is by far more flattering and sexy to me.

    1. Hi Gigi, I know the boots have been a favorite! But….sadly gone, as I got them last year! Thanks for stopping by! XO

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